Fat Oma (Invited)

Monday, October 31, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Fat Oma is a brand new Indonesian restaurant located in a very strategic location at Swanston St and in the middle of Bourke and Little Bourke St. Some of the owners is the same people behind the succesful Ayam Penyet Ria at South Melbourne but Fat Oma offers a completely different variation of Indonesian cuisine. The price point remain low, perfect for students, quick lunch for workers and take aways.

One of the owner, Vania is my friend from uni times and she invited me in before the restaurant open but I'm on a holiday back home in Indonesia do I promise her I'll come in once I get back to Melbourne so I did. The restaurant it self was small yet spacey and fit in 45ish people. It's bright, decorated with concrete wall and wooden furnitures.

First, I was served Es Cendol and Es Coklat (Ice Chocolate). Es Cendol is one of Indonesian famous Traditional drinks could be treated as beverages or dessert. I like the es cendol, not too sweet and the cendol was soft but still had the jelly like texture.

Mie Ayam - chicken, mushrooms, choy-sum, egg, noodles with a chicken soup ($9.5). This was my favourite dish out of all, I'm a big fan of Indonesian noodle and this is one of the best Indonesian noodle I tasted in Melbourne. The noodle was tasty, firm just I like it and the chicken and mushroom were soft but full of flavour.

Bakso Malang - beef balls, egg noodles, steamed tofu beef parcels, crispy wonton on top ($10.5). It's hard to make a good bakso malang cause it consist of various small dishes combine into one. This is my least favourite out of all just because I like the other two better.

Nasi Oma - rendang, BBQ chicken skewers, crispy boiled egg balado with chunky sambal sauce and jasmine rice ($15). The whole combination work nicely, loving the satay (BBQ Chicken Skewers) the most but the crispy egg was also nicely done.

The service was friendly and attentive. Honestly, I'll be back for the noodle for sure. Love them. They are still in the middle of soft opening so all the menu are subject to change until the grand opening.

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Fat Oma
212 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000