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Chotto it's a pop up Japanese restaurant by a team of husband and wife, Brend and Caryn Liew's first venture. Brendan has an amazing experience, previously worked at Golden Fields, RyuGin (Hong Kong) michelin starred kaiseki restaurant. Chotto means 'a little' or 'for a short time', they pick that name cause it's a pop up restaurant and the name is suitable for the cute space they are in.

I have been wanting to try Chotto since it's first open but I was so busy and have to fly out of town for a while so finally when I got a Saturday off, I jumped to Chotto with my husband. The cafe it self is tiny with clean white line, minimalist wooden decor and ikebana arrangement in the centre of the communal table. The whole cafe only fit in around 14-20 people and bookings are recommended for groups larger than 4.

Sakura Tea - a special, gently flavoured tea made from sakura (cherry blossom) flowers preserved in sugar from Kanagawa, Japan, Matcha Latte - matcha from uji  and Houjicha Latte - roasted tea leaves. All of the beverages was delicious, love the so much! My personal favourite is the creamy, non grainy until the last bit, slightly sweet matcha latte but the houjicha is definetly unforgettable as well. The sakura tea is delicate, pretty, slight sweet and calming.

Sakana Gohen - sashimi grade, ike-jime charcoal grilled fish (cooked medium), dashi maki tamago, kobachi (three small sides), miso soup, akita komachi rice ($25). The fish was a bit dry and blend, I personally expected more from this set.

Tamago Kakegohan - soft cooked onsen tamago, toasted nori, katsuobushi, wasabi sesame furikake on rice with miso soup ($15) and 2pcs charcoal grilled tsukune ($6). This wasn't a traditional dish I was expecting but the tamago kakegohan it self was really nice and flavourful, the tsukune was juicy and sweet.

I honestly love the calming and feminine place as well as all the beverages, I will definitely will be back for them. Love a good matcha and houjicha latte.

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35 Smith St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065
Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Sunday: 8am-3pm