Tsujiri (Invited)

Saturday, September 10, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I first taste Tsujiri in it's home town, Kyoto Japan. It's a very popular and well known tea house in Japan. They sell various matcha product, not regular green tea product but high quality matcha selected from the very best leaves around. It has maintain it's quality for more than 155 year.

In Melbourne, I'm always searching the best quality matcha but sadly to say nothing as high quality as what I found in Japan. It is very hard to compete with a country that is well known for their matcha and have a high consumption of matcha daily. Finally, months a go Tsujiri messages me on Instagram notifying me that they'll open their very first store in Melbourne. I was so excited about it then finally when they messages me again, that they are ready to open and I get to taste their beautiful matcha product before they are officially open, I happily come in with a high expectation.

The first product I tried is their Tsujiri Sundae - the cute pink sakura monaka is made by real sakura flower with matcha soft served, crunchy Japanese brown rice, red bean paste, shiratama ball and chestnut. Their matcha is imported directly from Uji, Kyoto via air freight to maintain it's freshness in taste and smell. There's an option of full matcha, mixed matcha and vanilla and vanilla soft served on top of the sundae.

Then I move on to one of my favourite japanese tea, Hojicha. I opted for their Hojicha Ice Blended topped with matcha soft served. This was my husband favourite, the bitterness from the hojicha mixed well with the soft served.

Next, I opted for something fresh; Yuzu Shaved Ice and I love it so much. The texture of the blended ice was nice, crunchy but the taste of the yuzu was clearly there and refreshing. I could have this drink everyday.

We also get to see a little bit of Matcha demonstration, when the staff made our orders. They look professionals and it's fun to see how they transform a simple matcha to various delicious drinks and dish.

I have to say I love their soft served, the matcha soft served was creamy but not over powering and not too sweet but their vanilla soft served was also delicious, creamy and soft. The next time I want to try their pastries and Ice matcha latte. Even though the price point was a lil bit high, this is just the beginning of my long relationship with Tsujiri.

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146 Swanston St
Melbourne, VIC 3000