Lune Croissanterie

Monday, September 05, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Lune Croissanterie is declared one of the best croissants in the world and lucky us it's in Melbourne. They are also famous for the early morning line started at their original store in Elwood. After two years, they finally ready to move to a bigger place in Fitzroy. With the bigger place all the customer don't have to line up at 4am in the morning but still as early as 7.30-8.30am. Saturday and Sunday is their busiest day, they relatively sold out way faster on those day but on Monday and Thursday sometimes at 10am you will be still able to get some of the flavours.

I have to admit, I never line up at Elwood. I was lucky enough to have some friends who are willing to brought back some of the croissants for me. It took me this long to write a blog post for Lune Croissanterie just because I want to experience the line up my self and taste as much as their products to give a complete review.

Their regular croissant such as the traditional French, Pain au Chocolat and Ham & Gruyere are extremely flaky and buttery. I think those traits are their signature and what sets them apart from any other croissanterie in town even the world. I love their traditional croissant to eat on its own or simply put a fresh strawberry jam in the middle, with the pain au chocolat I just wish a little bit more chocolate inside. My husband loves the ham & gruyere the most since both ingredients enhanced the buttery rich  croissant flavour.

Twice Baked is the hardest one to get and always runs out pretty fast. I got their snickers, kaya and almond flavour. Honestly, I love their original flavour then the twice baked. Cause it was really heavy and too sweet for me and have a very expesive price from $8-$10.

I was always a big fan of dessert hybrid and Cruffins is one of them. Lune cruffins are nowhere near as flakey and buttery as the croissant. The fillings was generous on all of the flavours which I highly appreciate. The inner cruffins was soft cause of the fillings but not spongy enough as muffin.

They also have the Lune Lab that remain sold out every time they opened it for public. Lune Lab is an event where Lune represents experimental flavour croissant that might be served in public if it's proven to be popular and successful. Overall

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Monday, Thursday-Friday: 7.30am-3pm
Tuesday-Wednesday: Closed
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm

119 Rose St
Fotzroy, VIC 3065