Juno & May (Invited)

Tuesday, September 27, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Juno & May located in Camberwell with a heart warming stories behind the name. Henry Honner grew up on a cattle farm and he has 5 siblings. They were longing for a TV and one of his older brother had an idea and propose it to their dad, if the family bought two dairy cows and milked them before and after school each day, he would save enough money to afford a TV. His dad agreed and soon two dairy cows arrived, named Juno and May. Henry's brother diligently called "Juno! May!" each day for milking and the milk was abundance. It's far enough for more than the family, Henry's mom began to trade milk, cream and butter with the neighbours for vegetables, honey, fish, eggs and chicken. And of course Henry and his siblings get to enjoy a 24-inch TV. Henry Honner and Cathy Ciurlino opened Juno & May in 2015, boosting their quality produce, well executed food with an Asian inspired flavour.

I decided to come in on a week night with my mom to have the taste of their Asian fusion food. As an Asian my self sometimes Asian fusion could be a tricky road to venture. It's hard to balanced the flavours, transform a refined traditional recipes into something even more delicious while keeping it's authentic flavour. They have taken the flavour from various part of Asia as an inspiration for their dishes. Juno & May is decorated with different textures for various area. I honestly love the modern yet sophisticated and warm vibe.

Street Food; Dim sim - chicken, shiitake mushroom, ginger, garlic, kaffir lime, sriracha chilli, crushed peanuts on lettuce cups ($4.5each), Buttermilk fried chicken w/ chipotle mayo ($12) and Special of The day; Pan seared scallop w/ cauliflower puree and apple nam jim ($4.5each). The dim sim was unique, meaty with a nice nutty crunch on top and ginger to balanced up the flavour. But the winner was the scallop, very well cooked with creamy cauliflower puree but fresh apple nam jim.

Small Plates; Sand lobster, kafir lime, ginger butter, cauliflower puree, Asian herb salad ($17.5) and Spaghettini of blue swimmer crab, lemon, chilli, garlic and parsley ($18). Both of this dish lift up to my expectation but my favourite is the lobster, very well seasoned with the ginger butter and that stunning cauliflower puree and fresh salad. The pasta was al dente with generous crab and subtle flavour.

Large Plates; Crispy pork belly, sticky BBQ sauce, steamed greens & apple slaw ($15) and Char grilled 16 hour beef short ribs, house mash, chimichurri ($29.5). The pork belly was stunning, super crunchy with light bbq and fresh apple. Just plain simple yet delicious. The beef short ribs was tender but I jush wish there's more of that chimichurri and super delicious, creamy mash potato.

Sweets; Brioche bread & butter pudding, citrus panna cotta, candied pecans & vanilla bean ice cream ($14) and Henry's favourite chocolate soft centred pudding, English toffee, vanilla bean ice cream ($14). Both of this desserts was successful in flavour and texture. The soft centred pudding oozed like magma of rich chocolate balanced out with vanilla ice cream. But honestly I love the  brioche bread and butter pudding so much, the bread was super delicious and warm mixed with well made creamy panna cotta with refreshing citrus jelly on top. It's just a well combined dessert with all of the flavours I like. Yum!

The service was friendly and quite attentive, I do think they need more staff cause even on a weekdays night they are really busy and there were only two of them. My visit to Juno and May was a succesful one and I'm still dreaming for their dessert till now.

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Monday & Sunday: 9am-4pm
Tuesday-Saturday: 9am-11pm

Juno & May
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