Street Talk Espresso (Revisited-Invited)

Saturday, August 13, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Street Talk Espresso is always a place I would love to come by and revisited anytime, it's one of my favourite cafe in South East.

This is the second time I got invited by Dean, the owner of Street Talk Espresso. Not long after my first invite, he personally invited me the second time despite I had some critics regarding his food. Instead of being offended, he takes it to make him grow and it clearly shown. Dean is a very passionate and kind hearted man with a beautiful family supporting him. The event was held on their beautiful courtyard, the table was beautifully arranged and I appreciate all the details prepared by the organizer.

The Notorious P.I.G - sweet chilli roasted pork belly, 5 grain soldiers, chilli puree, basil pesto ink, julienne apple, poached eggs and pork crackle powder. Crispy yet tender is one of the best quality of pork belly mixed in with a little sourness from the apple and super tasty basil pesto ink makes this dish complete in texture and taste.

The Iron Mike - sautéed cauliflower florets, green peas, yellow lentil puree, toasted chickpeas, burnt lemon, poached eggs, almond flakes, oregano salt. If all vegetarian dish are this delicious, I wouldn't mind eating vegies everyday.

The Godfather of Eggs - Chilli & herb scrambled eggs, 12 hour braised lamb served w/a fresh feta, rocket & mint salad. I had this on my first invite, it was as consistent as the first.

The Mighty Ducks - Zucchini, cauliflower and haloumi fitters, 5 spiced duck breast, lemon tahini yoghurt, soft herb salad, toffee glass shards, butter and sage jus. The duck was tender and beautifully seasoned, this is one of my favourite dish.

The Boss of all Challah - Challah French toast squares, stewed apple, seasonal fruits, mascarpone, Tim Tam sand + espresso caviar. On my previous visit the inside of the french toast was a bit dry but Dean has perfected the recipes and it was moist and even more delicious than last time.

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Salmon - roasted bagel crumb, dill and orange cream cheese, beetroot gel, Nordic Salmon, candied stone fruit, tomato and caper concasse with avocado mousse. I'm still dreaming of this dish even till now, the smokiness of the salmon with smooth creamy creme cheese and roasted bagel crumb is a matchmake from heaven.

Once again Street Talk Espresso does not disappoint, they even improved their food in such a short time. The service was friendly and warm until the very end. It was a pleasant Sunday morning, I would love to come back for more.

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Monday-Saturday: 7am - 3.15pm
Sunday: Closed

Street Talk Espresso
710 High St
Armadale VIC 3143