Pintoh (Invited)

Thursday, August 11, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pintoh is the home of Lao's culinary. Melbourne is well known for it's diverse culinary, we have Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese but we rarely hear about Laotian food and there's clearly an empty spaced waiting to be filled. North Thailand was once part of Laos that explains the overlapping dish such as the popular papaya salad.

I was originally invited by Fil from Pintoh to their event but a day before the event, he said the event was cancelled but he is happy to accomodate me anyway. So I came in and meet Alfred the manager on the day. He was very friendly and accomodating. The restaurant it self was simple with blonde food furnishing and some unique hanging lamps. I was given their $55 Feed Us menu, he kindly ask whether I have any preferences and allergies than the dinner starts.

I started the dinner with the classic Thai Milk Tea, Coco Green and Beer Lao. Their thai milk tea was a bit too sweet for me but go along perfectly with the spicy dishes ahead. I love their green tea, pandan leaf syrup and coconut mixture, refreshing and light. I could drink this everyday on summer days.

Fresh Oysters - topped with chilli jam, fried shallots and watercress ($5pp). Their oyster delivered fresh everyday until sold out on the day. My husband is big fan of raw oyster and he said the chilli jam, shallots and watercress match perfectly with the oyster and masked the fishy taste and feeling that oyster usually have.

Betel Leaf Prawns - Grill prawn betel leaf wrap topped with mild chilly-herbs sauce ($4.5pp). Betel leaf is one of the ingredients that has been pretty popular these days cause it has a unique strong taste and smell. It matched nicely with the grill prawn but I wish the prawn was a lil bit juicier. 

Lemongrass Pork - Grill whole lemongrass branch stuffed with a herbs, spices and pork mixture ($3.5pp). I was expecting the taste would be a little bit smokier and richer in herbs even though the pork was tender.

Hanoi Rice Paper Roll - Deep fried hanoi roll with cucumber, peanuts and a sweet chilli sauce ($11). It has bamboo shoot in it mixed in with the crunchy skin, it has nice balanced of texture topped with refreshing tangy sauce.

Mussaman Beef - Slow cooked tender beef cheek, peanut, kipfler potato, char-grilled sweet potato ($30). The curry was sweet and rich as well as the beef was really tender and the sweet potato match with the rest of the ingredients but for $30 I want more beef of the dish.

Chilli Crab - stir fry soft crabs in chili jam, cashew nuts with garlic and chili ($36). The crab still have a little bit fishy flavour in it and it needed to be a little bit more crispier even though the spice was pretty tasty.

Magic Mushrooms - Crispy enoki mushrooms, enoki seed, caramel glaze ($9). This was the most interesting dish of the night. Super crunchy and sweet.

Taro Puree - coconut ice cream, pistachio syrup, mint ($12). A simple dessert dish of mash taro which I rarely see and rich coconut ice cream. The overall taste was good.

Pana Cotta - coconut pana cotta, sago, black sesame seeds, banana brulee ($11). The banana brulee was the highlight of this dish, it was soft and sweet. The coconut pana cotta and sago was rich and heavy without the banana it would be a little bit too much for one person.

The service was friendly and attentive, despite all the confusion about the cancelled event that some bloggers did showed up on the night. Despite of their unique take on Laotian cuisine, there are so many competition in Asian Casual Dining in Melbourne. They have to step up their innovation and creation to be able to stand still and compete with the others.

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Monday-Friday: 11am-3pm & 6pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 6pm-11pm

165A Bourke St
Melbourne, VIC 3000