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Lume opened last year by Shaun Quade, JP Fietchtner and Sally Humble with an ambition as high as they wanted it to become one of the best restaurants in the world. Fietchtner and Sally have left but Quade with his previous experience at the Royal Mail Hotel, Quay, Biota Dining and Urbane is running the show really well. It's located in a former burlesque lounge.

Lume is one of the restaurant that has been on my list since it's open but as usual I haven't got the time to visit. I was planning to visit Brea as well but I did not get the reservations during the time period I want so I opted for Lume instead. The restaurant it self was warm, comfortable with mediterranean feel and predominantly salmon tones. The front part reserved for a la carte with an open kitchen and bar decorated with light wood, copper, exposed brick, marble and grey stone.  The back part is my favourite reserved for degustation area with vertical garden and retractable roof. It's charming and romantic.

I decided to go with their Degustation menu with Matching Non Alcoholic drink. The dinner start with Breakfast Eel on burnt barley crumpet.

Balmain Bug Tail cooked over fennel embers with Ice cold ancient moonlight accompanied by a mandarin shrub. I love the smokiness of the dish as well as the balanced soft and crunchy texture. One of my favourite dish of the night.

Emu Tart with warm fig leaf milk and mountain pepper accompanied by We made marmalade before we made wine. This is the first time I tasted emu and it's something unique but nice.

Sea Corn Taco and grilled camel hump. This is something I never experience before, the menu us unique and the smokey flavour clearly shine through.

Sea Urchin Liquamen with last fruits of summer accompanied by Consomme of tomato, choko and red vineyard peach. It's a nice combination of sweet and savoury.

Abalone with barbeque flavours, glace muntries and powdered liver accompanied by Lacto-fermented grapefruit. Lume cooked the abalone really well, the smokey flavour and taste are strong enough to tied in the whole dish.

Pearl on The Ocean floor accompanied by Salted Pineapple. I love this dish so much because it was innovative and brilliant in terms of background story and mix matching the ingredients.

All of the Calamari with all of the John Dory, warmed with saltbush butter accompanied by a Verjus Spiritz of Andrew Thomas 2015 Hunter Valley Semilion. This is one of my favourite dish of the night, the calamari was crunchy and the dory was soft, both are well cooked and seasoned. 

Sunflower and Chestnut Porridge with mackerel mascarpone accompanied by Mexican mint, banana and citrus. I did not really like mackerel cause of their strong fishy flavour and smell but my partner seems to enjoyed it really well.

Dry Aged Duck smoked over bottlebrushed  finished with elderflower honey accompanied by Temperance Vermouth, South Melbourne. The duck only eats strawberry and I clearly can taste it, my favourite dish of the night. The duck was tender, sweet and sticky.

Cauliflower Cheese with nukazuke pear and shavings of smoked pastry accompanied by Pear, smoke and maple. I love everything about this dish, the smoked pastry was beyond delicious.

Blueberries and Sour Goat's Milk. It was too sour for palette, I feel it needed a little bit more sweetness in it but it was refreshing and a nice palette cleanser.

Caramelised Artichoke with La Sirene Praline and chamomile. I never had artichoke as a dessert before and it was pretty nice.

Cacao Pod from Maralumi with notes of tobacco, green banana and currants accompanied by Amaro Tea - curated by Lume, constructed by Storm in a Teacup.

The service was impeccably friendly, warm and knowledgeable. The waiter explain the area inspiring the dish, environment, region and more. I was really impressed with their professional service, very well paced yet managed to be warm in the same time. Overall, the food was full of punching sharp flavour same goes with the matching drinks. I found it a bit over powering for my tongue and stomach but I could not overlook their creativity and innovation in mix matching the ingredients and presenting them beautifully. 

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Monday, Thursday & Saturday: 6pm-11pm
Tuesday-Wednesday: Closed
Friday: 12pm-2.30pm & 4pm-11pm
Sunday: 12pm-2.30pm

226 Coventry St
South Melbourne
VIC 3205