Ebi Tanomi

Saturday, August 20, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

I found this little tempura restaurant by chance on my Osaka sightseeing day at Namba Station. We are on a very tight schedule that day, so we decided to take a quick lunch.

They don't have their restaurant name in English so we thought they might not have an English menu but we are so wrong. They do have an english menu, complete with the descriptions and pictures.

I decided to order combo with tempura and cold udon noodles (734 yen). The udon it self was thin and firm. The dipping sauce was cold and tasty, mixed with the grated radish and shreds of seaweed. 

The assorted tempura was very generous for the price, it consist of seaweed, kidney beans, shrimp, lotus root, pumpkin and laver. They are well made, served hot, very crunchy.

The food are made on a small kitchen located in front of you so it's fun to watch. It's a small space but they work efficiently with a good team work, they seem to get a long very well. 

Overall, it was a nice experience. The overall price was really cheap with a very reasonable portions. Perfect for a quick lunch.


Ebi Tanomi
Namba Station, Osaka.
Near Takashimaya Dept. Store