The Glass Den (Invited)

Friday, July 08, 2016 Sharon Halim 5 Comments

The Glass Den opened in 2014 at the old Pentridge prison. The prison it self was built in Coburg (1850) and officially closed on 1st of May 1997. After decommissioning some known it as "The Bluestone College", some part of the property has been partly demolished and turned into housing area. The Glass Den sited at the notorious "D-division". The team at Glass den is one big multicultural family with Head Chef Mini Pakchima and their manager Alex and now Connell.

Disclaimer this post contain two visit to the Glass Den. The first visit was me and friends, we stop by for breakfast after picking my friend up from the airport. They come all the way from Indonesia and I want to show them the great presentation as well as healthy innovative brunch in Melbourne. Not long after I got invited to Glass den and very excited to attend. I love the place so much starting from the old yet charming gate then the main area divided into two area. Small window highlighting the kitchen decorated by bright red graffiti, hanging plants, spacious and airy area. The second area is a slightly outdoor area where you can enjoy the sun with heather provided during the cold days. There are also small outdoor area in front of the cafe. Glass Den is stylish, hip with relaxing, casual yet modern environment.

We started our breakfast with my kind of skinny cappuccino, it was hot and strong with creamy texture. They also served fresh juices and smoothies.

Black Sticky Rice Pudding - w/ mango cheeks, coconut mousse, popper quinoa and candied almonds ($14). This is a very common and popular dessert dish at South East Asia, I love what they have done with it. The fresh mango was sweet and perfect partner to the black rice pudding and coconut mousse. Popper quinoa and candied almonds added a crunchy texture to the dish and elevate the dish even more.

Panna Cotta Granolla - housemade organic granola w/ coconut panna cotta and wild berries served with milk ($13.5). Other milk options also available for extra $1 such as soy, almond, coconut and macadamia milk. The panna cotta jiggles which I love, rich and creamy yet I love the colour but prefer the normal flavour rather than coconut. The milk helps lighten the coconut flavour and tied the dish in with the crunchy granolla, sweet sour dried berries and a surprise popping jelly scattered all over the dish.

Rocky Road Brioche French Toast - matcha whipped mascarpone, fresh berries choc soil, choc ganache, housemade sorbet, candied almond and burnt marshmallow ($20). This is one of the popular dish at the Glass Den and it's worth it. The brioche was crunchy on the outside but remain fluffy and moist inside with fresh matcha mascarpone, sour sorbet completing the sweet, sour and creamy taste of the dish. Candied almond and choc soil added a nice crunchy texture and end with a little bit extra sweetness from the burnt marshmallow.

Open Soft Shell Crab Croissant - w/ spinach scrambled eggs, tomato chilli jam, baby spinach, chilli, beet mousse, herb infused fets ($19). The croissant was crunchy but the egg and soft shell crab was a little bit dry. This dish needed a little bit more sauce to balanced the dryness of the croissant and soft shell crab.

Squid Ink Burger Bun - beer battered soft shell crab, granny smith slaw, chilli and chipotle mayo served with aromatic herbs and toasted coconut salad ($22.5). The burger is one of our favourite, the bun was moist yet still crunchy. The soft shell crab was well made, crunchy and well seasoned, I love it here rather than the croissant.

Breakfast Soba - green tea soba, sauteed kale, garlic polenta, crumbed oyster mushroom, pie nuts, smoked coconut, kale sesame crumble ($16.5) and 63 degree poached egg ($3.5). The egg was well made, I love it so much. The green tea soba was a touch too sweet but i like their kale, garlic polenta as well as the crumbed mushrooms.

Egg Au Gratin - gratin potato bed w/ confit, caramelised pulled pork, brocollini, poached egg, balsamic caviar, hollandaise & kale sesame crumble ($18). This is one of favourite savoury dish at Glass Den. The potato was soft mixed in with the creamy hollandaise and the kale provide the crunchy texture needed in the dish. I just wish a little bit more of hollandaise to amped up the richness just a little bit more.

Glass Den is definitely one of the brunch place I don't mind coming more than twice. I love the vibe of the place, the amazing presentations and the innovation they added to the menu every season. Can't wait for their next season.

The Glass Den Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato
Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

The Glass Den
15 Urquhart St
Coburg, VIC 3058


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