Steak Ministry Bar & Grill (Invited)

Saturday, July 09, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Steak Ministry Bar & Grill opened in early 2014 by Craig Lane and Gerrard Velupillai. They owned a couple other venture such as Elephant Corridor, Paradise Road and Shine Cafe. This New York-style steakhouse run by Head Chef Chris Wade with his amazing experience previously under Gordon Ramsay and George Colombaris.

I was invited by Steak Ministry Bar & Grill in order to celebrate their second birthday. The interior was modern, romantic yet classy with dark and slick vibe. They use wood from Phillip Island for the wall panelling, interior columns and ceiling fixtures. I honestly love their wall display full of striking wine bottle.

We start our dinner with drinks. My partner opted for Raspberry Kisses - Grey Goose Vodka, raspberry, passionfruit and cranberry juice. It's an attractive drink with an alcohol fuels flame within passionfruit shell on top of the drink. I opted for a Sunset BLV mocktail which turn out to be tropical and refreshing.

Sher Wagyu 'Smoked' Beef Tartare - egg yolk, puffed wagyu tendon. One of my favourite dish of the night. the puffed tendon is light and crunchy with a fresh beef tartare and small yellow bulb egg yolk to complete the dish.

Seared Sea Scallop - Wagyu bresaola, burnt cauliflower, dukkha. Scallop is one of my favourite seafood and I'm so glad they cooked it perfectly. The combination of dukkah, creamy burnt cauliflower and hazelnut puree is delicious. I just wish the wagyu bresaola to be a little bit more crunchier.

Smoked Sticky Lamb Rib - Tequila glaze, Latin spice, agave, rosemary. This is one of their popular menu at Steak Ministry and I totally agreed. The lamb was tender, juicy and no lamb smell at all which I highly appreciate.

Togarashi Spiced Chicken Rib - sweet corn & jalapeno, corn dust. The chicken was cooked eprfectly, moist, tender and full of flavour. Both of the rib dish was really enjoyable and tasty. The chicken was more on a salty palate and the lamb was a bit more sweet.

Sher Wagyu 400 day Graid Fed Eye Fillet MS6 200g & Sher Wagyu 400 day Graid Fed Scotch Fllet MS7 300g. The steak was very well prepared and cooked. I love meat and this one of the best way to eat them. They have various sauces such as tomato, bbq and mustard. This is definitely my highlight of the night.

On top of the amazing steak, they have various delicious sides as well; Wagyu fat roasted potatoes, broccoli radish salad with buttermilk and tarragon, market vegetables and cheddar croquette with garlic puree. Honestly, I have to say their sides are very well prepared. I love their fresh sweet market vegetables as well as creamy broccoli salad and petit cheesy croquette.

Tahitian Vanilla Strawberry Cheesecake - textures of strawberry and white chocolate snow. When it arrived on our table, I wonder where's the cheesecake Guess what? The big strawberry was the cheesecake. I love it strawberry and this dish highlights the strawberry really well. The cheesecake was light yet creamy mixed in with chocolate snow and the strawberry combine to a delicious dessert.

Smoking Bomb - ferrero rocher, liquid center, toasted marshmallows. This dish is their show stopper complete with the drama from the smoke coming from the liquid nitrogen. It inspired by the famous chocolate Ferrero Rocher, outer later was coated by chocolate and roasted hazelnut. Insideit transform into Mozart chocolate liquor liquid center. Sitting in  abed of chocolate , toasted marshmallow, popping candy and all the other goodness. Yet this dessert was not heavy and an absolute pleasure to consume.

It was a high fine dining experience with a lot of creative shown accompanied by high quality ingredients. Even on a Wednesday the restaurant was full of people, it answer a demand for a good steak house in Glen Waverly area. Steak Ministry deliver a steak experience like no other in the neighbourhood and I will definitely come back for sure.

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Monday-Tuesday: 5pm-10pm
Wednesday-Sunday: 12pm-10.30pm

Steak Ministry
39/51 Kingsway
Glen Waverly, VIC 3150