Nutella Road Trip

Sunday, July 10, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Nutella Road Trip is an event created by Nutella in June, serving free various Nutella creations for breakfast. This is the first time it's held in Australia. It's a first come, first serve basis and each person only entitled to one serve and while stock last. The menu were designed by food truck extraordinaire, Alitair Fogg from The Nighthawk Diner.

I decided to come in on their second day at St Kilda beach. I came in around 10 am and there were no line, I was so happy about it. Most of the people came in not knowing that the food is free, so do I. It comes in as a pleasant surprise.

I opted for their Stewed winter berries with Nutella and toasted coconut and Seasonal fruit skewer with Nutella. The stewed berries was way too sour for my taste but the fruit skewers was refreshing.

The other menu included; Mandarin dipped in Nutella with toasted hazelnuts, Pikelet with smashed banana and Nutella,Crumpet with Nutella, banana and strawberries, Raisin toast with Nutella and berries and Crepe stack with Nutella and crispy bacon

Overall, it was a nice experience and I appreciate Nutella for giving back to all their loyal fans who have probably been buying their product for years.

O'Donnels Garden
Lower Esplanade
Melbourne, VIC 3182