Thursday, July 14, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

When I was dining at Creo-Ru, they have a back window then I saw Ichiran and I just knew it that I'm going to have a second dinner. 

It's located along Dotonbori canal and it's very hard to miss with the massive red logo light's up at night. Ichiran is a restaurant specialising in classic tonkatsu ramen from the 60's, they are open 24 hours but prepare to line up on peak hours.

There is a long line when I arrived so I start queuing, the staff straight away give us a from to filll in. The form is available in English, Mandarin, Korean and Japanese. There are options for how strong the flavour, richness, garlic, green onions, sliced of pork, spiciness and noodle textures.

Once you enter the restaurant, there are two vending machines. Choose the item's you want, pay and get your meal ticket.

Next, the service staff will show you to a room where you can finally enjoy the delicious bowl of ramen and they also take the form you have fill in before. They have second and third floor too and people are still lining up, that is one of the prove of how popular they are. For a large group of people, getting to sit together is not guaranteed.

The dining room is shaped out as a ling corridor and all the customers sit a long one table with wooden side partitions (can be retracted if you're sitting with friends) to give extra sense of privacy. There is a water tab on the left side of the table (Free water) and there are coats and bags hanger at the back of the wall, as well as tissues.

I decided to order strong flavours, ultra rich, 1 clove garlic, thin green onion, half red sauce, firm noodles and it was super delicious. One of the best ramen I have ever tasted in my life. The noodles were exactly what I wanted, chewy, slightly bouncy and tasty. I just wish there is more sliced of pork in there because the thin sliced of cha siu just melt in your mouth. The soup it self has perfect consistency, temperature and so rich just how I like them.

My husband order medium flavours, medium richness, regular garlic, thin green onion, regular red sauce, medium noodles and he love it. It was much lighter than mine but perfect for somebody who likes lighter taste.

By the time you finish your noodles but still have some soup remaining, you can order a kaedama which means noodles refill. Theres is form at your table to fill in and press the button than the staff from the window in front of you will take care of that.

When you are done, just leave the bowl and somebody will clear it up. On the right side there are feedbacl form you can fill in before you leave. I left Ichiran with a satisfied feeling and surely I'll come back for more. Lucky for me they have branches on various cities in Japan and also in Hong Kong.

Monday-Sunday: 24 hours

www.ichiran.co.jp (Japanese & English)
7-18 1F Souemoncho Chuo-ku Osaka-shi Osaka-fu
43 seats available
No car parking available
4 mins walk from Nanba Subway Station (Exit 14)
5 mins walk from Nihonbashi Subway Station (Exit 2)