Waroeng Jadoel (Invited)

Tuesday, June 21, 2016 Sharon Halim 2 Comments

Waroeng Jadoel started with one amazing lady called Selly Setiawan, she has 10 years of experience all around the world as a Pastry Chef yet she always love her authentic Indonesian food. She always have a dream of bringing an authentic Indonesian food to a non Indonesian culture to educate as well as share the flavour. End last year, she finally gave birth to her beautiful son and decides to leave her career then together witch his husband, Duncan Wong who also a chef moved to Melbourne in January, 2016. In Melbourne she met Dewi Suryani and Jessica Wibisono who has the same vision and the love of Indonesian food as her. They start building their dream business with the name " Three Little Pigs" but since the name was taken, they changed it to Waroeng Jadoel.

I was contacted by Jessica through Facebook messages and honestly I was pretty excited. I rarely search for Indonesian food in Melbourne cause to me the real authentic Indonesian food taste way better. Back home my father owned an Indonesian restaurant and catering, he is an excellent cook so it was pretty hard to measure to that. She offered to arranged a package and deliver it to me on the weekend. I was busy hosting an event for Yummed at Eden's Backyard and I wasn't expecting to see all the three of the founder delivering the food to me but it was a nice visit. 

Nasi Bakar Ayam - Indonesian grilled rice with chicken, herbed beans, mushrooms and anchovies ($8.5). This dish is my ultimate favourite out of all. It started with a delicious smell then rich taste from the chicken. The whole combination was really authentic, arguably the most authentic Indonesian food I have ever tasted in Melbourne. It has a bit of spiciness but not overpowering, I could eat this everyday.

Nasi Bakar Babi - Indonesian grilled rice with pork, spiced eggplant and anchovies ($9.5). This was also an amazing dish. My husband prefer this dish than the chicken. It has the same smell but subtler taste compared to the chicken. The pork was tender and juicy, combined with tasty eggplant and a little bit of texture from the anchovies. I do think the portion was quite small for the price cause my self I can eat two portion easily.

They also sent me multiple flavours of Martabak. Martabak is a very famous and popular traditional Indonesian pancakes. I start with tasting Martabak Nutella ($12) - Indonesian Pancake with nutella. It was pretty enjoyable but I require a little more nutella in it.

Martabak Keju Susu ($14) - Indonesian Pancake with cheese and condensed milk . My husband is a big fan of martabak, you can call him the martabak expert. He says all the doughs was too dense, needed to be fluffier and tastier which mean more butter. Indonesian martabak tend to have an abundant butter and known as a very rich snack. The cheese needed to be a little bit saltier, tastier and a little bit more milk.

Martabak Coklat Kacang Wijen ($9) - Indonesian Pancake with chocolate and peanuts. This is my favourite flavour, I always order it whenever I visit Jakarta. Honestly, I love the fillings; very generous and not too sweet. 

Martabak Pandan Kacang Wijen Keju ($14) - Indonesian Pancake with peanut, cheese and condensed milk. Colour based martabak is currently trending in Indonesia, Pandan is one of them. Pandan mixed in well with cheese and condensed milk. I just wish for a stronger pandan flavour and smell on the dish.

Waroeng Jadoel accepts any orders 2 days in advance. Pick up are available in Balwyn and delivery are available in Balwyn and CBD with a minimum order of $30. I would love to taste more variety of their savoury product such as yellow rice (nasi kuning), nasi liwet and more. Sadly, right now they are only available in large quantity order. Overall, I love their nasi bakar so much and I have pre order some more for my extended family and friends.


Waroeng Jadoel


  1. Martabak is the quintessential Indonesian food. It is a MUST TRY! This nasi bakar looks delish! I'm salivating right now.. I love reading your blog. Always got sumthin new to try, especially when you write about Indonesian food, makes me reminisce. I guess Indonesians just loveee home cooked meal ;)

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