Sardi (Invited)

Wednesday, June 01, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sardi is a small, comfortable and warm. Located in the main road of Church St and accessible by public transport such as tram 109, 75, 48 and also 10 minutes walking distances from Hawthorn Station. There are also plenty of parking space on the street. Sardi is a cute petit cafe with a mix of healthy and indulging menu.

I was invited by Ash, the owner of Sardi cafe. The cafe is bright with white wall and coloured cushions, funky pineapple ornaments and metal light frames. There is only 25 seats at Sardi so it does get crowded easily.
I visited on a Friday day time with two of my friends, Sardi was generous enough to accommodate the three of us. They also support Melbourne local artist by displaying some of their art on their cafe and they are all up for sale.

Start with a Skinny Cappuccino is a must. The barista at Sardi made by La Marzocco machine with NIccolo coffee. The coffee was warm and beautifully made.

Manco Smoothies: mango, coconut, coyo, LSA, rice malt syrup and passionfruit ($9.5). This is arguably the most delicious smoothies, creamy yet refreshing with slight crunchiness.

Sardi Big Brekky - scrambled eggs, bacon, mushies, spinach, saganaki and avocado ($19.5). One of my friend is a traditional eater, he likes something simple and meaty so I ordered this for him. The scrambled egg was nice but the saganaki is the winner of the plate. All in combine is a nice plate of classic big breakfast.

Southern Fried Chicken Burger - slaw, aioli and sweet potato fries ($18.5). I heard a lot of things regarding this chicken burger and mostly are good. We all love the sweet potato chips. The chicken was super crunchy and tasty with punching flavour, it was enjoyable to eat.

Banana Bread French Toast - mascarpone, maple roasted pears, salted caramel and almond crumble ($16.5). This is a dish perfect for dessert and to be shared rather for breakfast or eating alone. It was super warm, dense, heavy with crispy outer layer. Smothered in super sticky caramel sauce, nutty crumble pieces, dollop of mascarpone to balanced all the sweetness and decorated with edible flowers. But my favourite thing on the plate was the dark roasted pears.

Lychee and Coconut Hotcakes - toasted coconut, cranberry granola, caramelised lychee syrup and ice cream ($17.5). This is one of their menu and quickly become their popular menu. These days Melbournians love coconut so much and this creative mixed worked really well together. The pancake it self was crispy on the outside but moist and sweet inside. It also have pieces of coconut inside and sweet flavour of lychee. This dish does not need any sauce cause it's already perfect without it. My favourite dish at Sardi.

Ash was really accomodating during our visit at Sardi. Overall, we love our visit as well as I'll be back for the Lychee and Coconut Hotcakes. There are also other dishes I would try in the future such as their Thai Curry, Smashed Avocado and Acai Smoothie Bowl.

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Monday-Friday: 7.30am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-4pm

111 Church St
Hawthorn, VIC 3122