Melbourne Tea Festival

Thursday, June 09, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Melbourne Tea Festival is a celebration of speciality loose tea. This is an interactive experience perfect for tea enthusiast or simply for people who like to know more about tea. It's designed to help people learn and taste various speciality tea and spring up the passion for tea through the experience. Another purpose of this event is to help showcase high quality speciality tea providers all around Australia.

I'm a tea lover since I was a kid, I might love coffee more these days but tea always have a special space in my heart. My mom is tea lover, she loves to collect various tea and drinks it daily. She also has a special occasion to always drink tea when it's raining with assorted cookies or cakes. When Melbourne Tea Festival and Matcha Lab decides to do a giveaway competition for a free entry to the festival, I know I have to enter so I did. Lucky me, they pick me as a winner. 

The festival have two section, the first section is  the Tea Market. There were over 50 stallholders with various tea brands, ceramic artist, homeware and tea ware. The fun thing was they provide you with a small Chinese tasting cups and you are allowed to tea tasting all day, all around the tea market.

I started my journey with Matcha Lab delicious green tea mochi and matcha butterbing. The perfect start to the journey. Then I went to Chai Wali to taste their tea, sadly I do not like them. I love Change Chai matcha chai, I think it's innovative and the taste was on point. I also find Zen Wonders stall interesting with all the delicious cookies and super delicious matcha granolla. My last stop was at Puffed Marshmallows to bought some matcha marshmallows.

Besides green tea, I also find lots of other variety tea I love such as rose bud tea from Faraaz, French Earl Grey from Truly Tea, RicoCoco's Chocolate Tea

There are also some tea demonstration at some stalls as well as in the middle of the festivals. They are very interesting to watch and learn from. Also for those of you who are interested in readings they have stall for tea leaves reading.

To complete the journey there are also cookies by Kookas Natural, Macaroons from Chocolette Patisserie, honey stall from the rooftop honey and  also various ceramics stall to choose from.

They also have various food trucks and food stalls just in case people get's hungry. I decided to buy some. There are also a large sitting area with live music for people to enjoy their food, tea and relax for a bit. The most tempting of all it's Tsuru just because they display their food, these days people eat with eyes first. Their food are generally good. I also get Pop corn chicken from Ghost Kitchen and they are delicious.

The section section is the Tea Workshop. You need to pay more to attend spesific session of the workshop. This is where you can meet Australia's leading tea specialist and further discuss in education, tastings and demonstrations correlates with tea. I did not attend any of the workshop just because my schedule was pretty pack that day and I did not find any matching time with the workshop I wanted to attend.

Overall, it was a fun first time experience and would want to repeat the experience again in the future. Maybe in each stall, an organise line needed to be form in the future just to avoid the disorganisation and fairness for people that have line up first. But besides that it was enjoyable event. 

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
Sunday, 29 May 2016. 

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