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Sunday, June 05, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

After visiting the famous Hermes cafe, I decided to stop by Gucci Cafe as well. Gucci cafe located on the 4th floor of Gucci Ginza building. It is a cozy, warm beige and brown shades, open space with a retro sixties vibe. Definitely a contrast to Hermes cafe, this place is much bigger,uncluttered and relaxing. The hottest seats in the restaurants are the one by the tall windows overlooking Harumi Dori, where you can see the Armani store across the street. There are only three tables by the window. Gucci cafe is mainly famous for their desserts and tea time for fashionista and socialite.

I decided to order the famous tiramisu and cafe latte (desserts set-2000yen) with Gucci logo embossed on top of it. Instead of the usual meringue and cream mix, they used the egg yolks and mascarpone resulting into a pudding-like texture tiramisu. It was rich but not too sweet and end with Sambuca taste and fragrance.

Panna cotta is another popular desserts (desserts set-2000yen). Contrast from the tiramisu, panna cotta taste lighter, the fruit adds a nice sweet and sour to the dish as well as freshness.

Their caffe latte was decent, the milk was fluffy and smooth and the coffee has a nice kind of bitterness in it.

The last but not the least is Gucci chocolate. They have four flavours (earl grey, raspberry, bitter, caramel) and sell them per piece to dine in at 300 yen/pc and per box for take away or gifts starting at 2500yen.

The cafe is reasonably priced compare to the other boutique cafe's and restaurants. Beer (100yen), espresso (800yen), tea (900yen) and salad (1400yen). There is also lunch package starts from 3200yen for a main dish.

Another nice and luxury Gucci touches in the cafe are their menu is in a Gucci embossed leather portfolio and the bill comes on double "G" embossed leather tray.

Monday-Sunday: 11am-8pm

Gucci Cafe Cafe
4th Floor
4-4-10 Ginza, Chuo
Tokyo 104-0061