Cupping Room

Sunday, June 12, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Cupping Room was opened in 2013, designed by the team behind Ona Coffee - Canberra's largest speciality coffee roaster. They aim to involve, engage and educate coffee drinkers in the finer appreciation of coffee.

Ona coffee is well known for working directly with coffee farmers around the world such as Brazil, Costa Rica and Ethiopia, they pride them self in paying at least 20% more than fair trade price. Cupping Room is the perfect name for a cafe with the main focus of coffee. Cupping is the process for coffee expertise judge brews against each other without bias.

I was on my business trip to take care some of the Pepper Lunch Canberra grand opening such as the food blogger event and first day of operations. When I had the morning off, I went in an browse the best brunch in Canberra. I also ask a couple of my friends in Canberra and they all said go to The Cupping Roam so I did. There was a long line at 10pm on a Sunday morning and we have to wait around 20 mins for a table for two.

The Cafe it self has several outdoor tables and more tables inside. It was decorated with beautiful timber ceiling creating a spacious and airy atmosphere together with the large window permitting plenty of natural light shining through and brighten up the whole room. We were given a table outside which are perfect since the sun decides to show up but not too hot.

They have an option of house blend (notes of chocolate) or seasonal blend (notes of blueberries and vanilla) for their milk coffee. My friend chosen house blend and I opted for seasonal blend so we can try both flavour. We both love it, served in the perfect temperature, fluffy milk and strong coffee flavour but not too bitter or sour.

Cascara Iced Tea - tea made from the cherry of a coffee tree, served over ice with lime, lychee & mint ($6). The ice tea was fresh and light but pretty average for my taste.

Soul Shake - banana, vanilla tea, chia, coconut & maple ($10). This is one of the best shake combination I have tasted in a long time. My friend and I attempt in making on these at home after the Canberra trip. Perfect balanced of sweetness, creaminess and freshness. Highly recommended!

French Toast - brioche French toast with citrus textures, chocolate sauce, whipped mascarpone & ginger crumble ($18). It was one of The Cupping Room most popular dishes and it was indeed well deserved. The French toast was slightly crunchy on the outside due to being pan-fried and inside was so soft, moist and fluffy. The combination of fresh citrus, rich chocolate sauce, fluffy creamy mascarpone and crunchy subtle ginger crumble just worked really well with the French toast.

Salmon - soy confit salmon, radicchio, wakame, cucumber, teriyaki cream, miso essence & black rice cracker ($21). I was intrigue by so many ingredients involves in this dish but all of it combine together into something delicious. I would love to have more of the salmon on the plate cause I'm still hungry by the time I finish the dish but the teriyaki cream, miso essence, wakame and black cracker works together like magic. The only let down was the salmon prtions and the radicchio was too bitter for me.

It was indeed a time well spent, we left with a happy heart as well as tummy. The service was friendly, she even ask me to tag them some of the pictures to their Insta. I will definitely be back whenever I'm in Canberra.

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Monday-Friday: 7am-4pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm

Cupping Room
1/1-13 University Ave
Canberra, ACT 2601