Interview with Byron Finnerty (MasterChef 2014)

Sunday, June 05, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The 29 year old qualified nutritionist and ex personal trainer, Byron Finnerty, credits his mother for the inspiration in leading him into the food industry who, interestingly enough, cannot cook.

"She was always into making healthy foods - we all knew our greengrocer by name and we were taught how to pick the best piece of fruit from a young age. However, the meals we had as children were quite plain. This motivated me and my brother to start cooking our own dish from an early age", said Byron.

His major influences were from his travels. He has been travelling most of his life and he wouldn't have it any other way. He made many sacrifices to pursue his dream. He was working in a yacht as a deckhand in the US over the past few years and left the job before he dropped his anchor once again at Melbourne, his hometown, to compete at MasterChef Australia 2014. 

Not just famous with his culinary prowess, Byron Finnerty was also the eye candy of MasterChef. This charming fellow, who was also an ex-model, crashed out of the competition on 16th of June when he was unsuccessful in recreating a signature pigeon dish by Michelin Star chef, Marco Pierre White. Nevertheless, being on the show has made his dream even more concrete.

“After MasterChef, I was lucky enough to follow my food dream to study at Le Cordon Bleu, a French cooking school that was made famous from Julia Child, a past student, and major figure in home cooking still to this day.”
After completing his course this year, Byron started his journey at Three Blue Ducks, a hatted restaurant in Sydney (the hat system is Australia's version of Michelin star), before he moved to Madrid, Spain. He learned the tricks of the restaurant trade through work experience at numerous local establishments. Spain has 5 of the top 20 restaurants in the world at the moment. He is closer to his dream of cooking alongside his favourite chef, Ferran AdriΓ , from the Michelin starred restaurant, elBulli in Spain.

When Yummed Team contacted Byron on 28th of April, we found this Le Cordon Bleu Alumnus to be an individual who is truly humble and has a big heart. He took this opportunity to share some of his thoughts with us.

“For me cooking allows me to stay in the moment, it makes me focus on everything from the sharpness of my knife to the smell of the food and in this way you are forced to use all of your senses."

"Use all of your senses in the kitchen, always taste your food as you are cooking, cook with the heart and your food will represent you as a chef and as a person.”