The Journey of LuxBite

Sunday, June 12, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

13 years ago, Bernard Chu (33) was merely a patisserie student in Le Cordon Bleu, Sydney. However, with his humility and positive working attitude, he has worked at some top notch restaurants in Australia, became a guest chef in MasterChef 2013 featuring his infamous dessert, Lolly Bag Cake, and Co-founded his own Melbourne-based patisserie stores, LuxBite and T by LuxBite. 


Born in Malaysia 1983, Bernard was raised in a pastry and dessert-loving environment. He loved to running around at his grandparent’s bakery as if it is his playground and kitchenware was his toys. In South East Asia, breakfasts are mainly savory such as Nasi Lemak, and from the very young age his mother knew he has always been a sweet tooth. Therefore, she always found time to buy confectionaries such as mini cakes or muffins for Bernard. Eventually, his love for all things sweet had set him on a career of pastry. 

He began his journey in Australia by completing his patisserie course in Sydney, before he worked at several prestigious restaurants such as Pier in Sydney and Comme Restaurant in Melbourne where he spent more than 100 hours a week sharpening his skills. Because of his hard work, at the age of 24 he became the head pastry chef at Giuseppe, Arnaldo & Sons Restaurant and three years later, he took a leap of faith in opening his very first own patisserie LuxBite in South Yarra together with his business partner, Yen Yee (Ex Rockpool Bar & Grill & Quay).

 “It's really important to know as early as possible what you want to do in life and go into the direction that you want to go. All the small and big decisions you make have to be aligned with the direction you are heading. Most importantly, you have to stick to it even though it's really hard, keep going through, and work on something you love then you will never feel like working all your life,” Said the man who clearly understands that he wants to become a pastry chef since the very young age. He is a man with a vision

LuxBite’s Life

LuxBite is inspired from his longing to share his childhood and hometown memory. Its desserts are based on French technique with Asian flavor. His very famous desserts which featured in MasterChef was the Lolly Bag cake which incorporated six authentic Australian lollies, including Redskins, Jaffas and Freckles.

Although this rising pastry chef does not have any idea how to run business, he just has pure guts and believes that he can always do better to serve mouth-watering, eye-appealing and exquisite macarons and desserts.

The LuxBite’s journey has been on a roller coaster during the past 5 years. He says that the mindset of owning a business and working on a fine dining restaurant is very different. When you own your own business, you have to care about every single aspects of business instead of focusing solely on creating delicious food. On the top of that, you have to be humble, willing to learn, and appreciate people.

The hardest thing in life is to find a team which share the same vision, remain supportive, very loyal and willing to fly with you. “During my study in Malaysia, I met someone who share the same vision with me and later on become my girlfriend and business partner” shared Bernard bashfully. He also gratefully admits that he is very lucky to have a very amazing team that is very honest and supports every decision that he made. “They make 300 cakes a day which only can be done with team effort.” Despite of many struggle and hardship, he is a very positive person which gives him perseverance to get through those moments. 

When he was asked what his favourite LuxBite’s cake, He smiled and admitted that he could not choose one as each cake has a personal story and sentimental value. His very first cake Caramel Cravings reminds him on when there is only him in the kitchen all day working to fill in the whole display. Until this moment, every time he looks at that cake he will remember that. 

His plan in the future is to expand their kitchen and open up new stores. This year, he just finished with his pop up store at Westfield, Doncaster. Even though it was quite far to drive there, he had no complain about it because he always kept in his mind that people from everywhere has been driving to South Yarra for years just to enjoy his cake. “You have to give back to the people that support you. You are here because of them. Appreciate them”

Despite his runaway success, He is quick to remember their humble beginnings. Many people have supported him and given him opportunities throughout his LuxBite journey. Starting from a chef ex-boss who called him this year with opportunities, Channel 9 interview or even to small startup company like Yummed. He appreciates every single one of it and never underestimates it. He always holds a value that we should appreciate any opportunities given in front of us 

“Every single person matters. They might be no one or just a small person now but in the future, you will never know who they will become.”