Yummed x Girleatsmelbourne

Wednesday, May 04, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Yummed is a unique dining experience where a Chef could host an event at their home to show off their skills, test their menu or just simply earning an extra cash. After the last Yummed Sunday Soiree event, I approach my good friend Girleatsmelbourne to host and event. She is an excellent cook and wanted a stranger opinions on her cooking but her house is not visible for an event, so I offered my house.

We finally set the date and decided to do it on a Sunday lunch time. Christina arrived at my house only with a small box full of groceries to make 3 course meal for 8 pp. I was amaze by it. I set up the table in front of my kitchen so all of the guest would be able to get a live entertainment of her cooking the meal. The meal start with a glass of wine and a couple of ciders.

The first course was Sweet Potato Gnocchi with Cream Fraiche and Roast Parmesan. The gnocchi was made with vegan recipe, it was chewy and soft. We both agreed this dish still needs improvement and have a potential of becoming a more refine dish.

The main course was Lamb Cutlets with Fig Sauce, Fresh Fig, Prosciutto and Pumpkin Puree. We all love this dish so much, the fig sauce was amazing. It was made with lamb, fresh fig, salt, pepper and chilli. The lamb was perfectly cooked and mixed in well with the rest of the ingredients. Another interesting fact is the pumpkin comes from Christina's mom backyard.

The lunch end with Upside Down Lemon Tart with Lime Caviar, Lemon Candy and Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. It was fresh, light and the texture was perfect. Crunchy tart with creamy ice cream, soft fresh lemon with popping lime caviar.

Christina surprise everyone with an extra Goodie Bag filled with her Matcha Profiteroles for the guest to take home. I personally a big fan of her matcha profiteroles, the Matcha powder comes from Japan and it has the authentic green tea flavour.

We both learn a lot from this event, both in event organisations, cooking organisations and time. Yummed provided a space where we are able to open our very own pop up restaurant in the convenience of our own home. Both me and Christina would love to do more events with Yummed so stay tuned for our next event!