The Burger Block (Invited)

Monday, May 23, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

The Burger Block opened in February, located in the same place as JD's Burgers used to be. They have a few similarities with JD's Burger with the same Asian Fusion theme. JD's Burger has relocated to Surry Hills with potential of expansion. Brenda the owner of the place explained that she is the sister of the JD's Burger owner. She began running The Burger Block earlier this year with a different technique but serving the same kick ass burgers.

The Burger Block team messages me on my personal Instagram and invited me in to taste their burgers. This is my first invite via my personal Instagram so it was unique. I went on a Wednesday lunch time and there were several people enjoying their lunch on the cafe, most of them are construction workers. The place it self was small and pretty cramped. Not ideal for kids or big group of people, perfect for a take away and quick lunch.

I always started my brunch or lunch with one of my favourite drink in the world. Skinny Cappuccino, it was decorated with cute puppy on top and the taste was decent. 

My partner opted for latte, decorated with beautiful flowery coffee art. Impressive skill. The texture of the coffee and the taste was pretty good.

Eureka - American Cheese, bacon, Spanish onions, beer, battered onion rings, lettuce and BBQ Mayo ($13.5). This is one of their popular menu, the taste was sweet combined with tangy BBQ sauce and juicy beef patty complete with crispy onion rings.

Sweet Chilli Chicken - American cheese, Spanish Onions, lettuce, tomato and Jap Sweet Chilli Mayo ($12.9). This is my favourite burger out of the three. I rarely opted for chicken burger but this one impressed me. The sauce was delicious, sweet but also tasty and the chicken was flavourful. The whole combination just work perfectly.

Tempura Fish Burger - fried tempura hake fillet with American cheese, lettuce, tomato, Jap mayo and tartare sauce ($12.9). My partner loves fish and chips as well as burger. This burger combined the two things he loves into one single delicious meal.

I love the overall taste presented by The Burger Block. They also have Burger Challenges (The Block Legends) ranging from one all the way to five layers of burger madness. There's also The Burger Block Challenge with two options; 1kg (8 beef, cheese, bacon layers burger) or 3kg (16 beef, cheese, bacon layers burger). Bookings are required at least 24 hours before the challenge day. If you have the guts to do it, call them now!

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Monday-Thursday: 7am-3pm
Friday: 8am-4pm
Saturday: 7am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

The Burger Block
85 Willsmere Rd
Kew, VIC 3141