Seven AM (Invited)

Wednesday, May 11, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Seven AM has been open for seven years, it's a proud moment for the team and it's time for them to celebrate and they also decided to rebrand their interior design as well as upgrading their game. According to an article published in (2013) two out of five business started four years a go no longer exist yet Seven AM remain standing.

Jason from Seven AM contacted via email and shared to me the journey of Seven AM, full of hard work and passion as well as started with people doubting his decision in opening a business in a very competitive market. I was touch and inspired by his story but sadly I have not visited Seven Am before and he kindly invited me in to have a taste. It was on a weekdays afternoon, I came in with my friend GirleatMelbourne. The cafe it self was decorated in blonde wood furnitures, unique coffee bean table, plants and also a charming courtyard at the back.

Seven AM coffees produce by Seven Seeds but this year they created their own single origin and the consistency was well balanced and I honestly like the flavour.

Yoghurt Pannacotta - quince, rhubarb, fresh apple & toasted granolla ($14). Many of you may have known that Pannacotta is one of my weakness and that week I have been eating fatty food so I need something light and fresh. The pannacotta it self taste good but it needed to be more creamy instead of firm. The fresh apple adds acidity and granolla adds crunchiness to balanced the dish up. Quince and rhubarb was a nice addiction the flavour.

Smash Avocado - Yarra Valley feta w/ beetroot hummus & poached eggs on rye ($18). Christina or GirleatsMelbourne feeling for something light and healthy as well. The smash avocado was fresh and flavoursome, the eggs was perfectly cooked and the beetroot adds sweetness to the dish. Overall, it was enjoyable.

It was a brief visit and I didn't get a chance to meet Jason cause he has other business matters to attend to but the service was friendly and warm. Seven AM is one of the most classic and cozy cafe in Bay St area and for me it was a pleasant visit.

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Monday-Friday: 7am-3pm
Saturday-Sunday: 8am-3pm

Seven AM
155 Bay St
Port Melbourne, VIC 3207