Oh Deer Korean Fusion (Invited)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Oh Deer Korean Fusion is located away from the curious eyes in the empty street at the back of Tivoli Arcade. Since it's open earlier this year, the owner bark in a journey of trial and error. Continue transforming Korean cuisine and mixing it up with a little of Japanese and Asian flare. Oh Deer team are really passionate in creating innovative dish and serving the best of them to Melbourne community. The name it self comes from a funny store from one of their meetings someone said "Oh Dear!" then misspelled it as "Oh Deer!", they found it funny yet charming so it sticks.

I was invited to Zomato Meet Up to Oh Deer. I was really excited cause Asian fusion is one of my favourite cuisines and all of their food seems delicious. The restaurant it self was modern and decorated with wooden furnitures, wall art and giant white deer. It's quirky and fun.

We started with 'That's me' - creative test tube cocktail. It contains 12 test tubes with various personalities, flavours and rainbow colours. You can mix and match, creating your very own drinks. This is fun, I would love to order this again with reasonable prices.

Grilled Corn with Deer Dressings. The corn was well cooked and sweet but could not really taste the deer dressings as something special.

Tobokki - Chilli, Curry, Carbonara. Tobokki is a very popular and famous Korean food but overall I think the tobokki was a little bit too hard.

Oh Deer Mini Burger - Soft Shell Crab ($7.5). The burger bun was moist, fluffy and the soft shell crab was crispy but remain moist inside.

Korean Pork Belly Wrap (2pcs-$8). It was a unique twist to a Pork Belly wrap and I like it. The pork belly was juicy and flavourful, the wrap match well with it.

Oh Deer Signature Deep Fried Boneless Chicken - Strawberry, Teriyaki ($18) and Cheese ($20). I wish they have an original flavour but the truth is Korean Fried Chicken is so popular in Melbourne and the competition is tough. The cheese chicken was unique and I do enjoyed the cheese on top of the chicken but I do think the chicken needed a little bit more seasonings. The teriyaki is way too sweet for my taste but I do like the strawberry chicken with fresh strawberry pieces on it. It was unique yet enjoyable.

Molten Cheese Pot - marinated tender pork ribs, molten tasty cheese, sweet potato puree, sweet corn salad, Korean-style steamed egg and topokki. This dish is a brand new menu yet to be introduce by Oh Deer team soon. It's best to eat the pork ribs wrapped by molten tasty cheese. I honestly love it so much, the juicy pork ribs with melted cheese was just delicious. I also love the steamed egg and corn salad.

There are other dishes I wanted to try such as their beef tartare with egg and sashimi cake. I do think the price are a little bit too high some of the dish presented but the service was friendly and attentive. They also need to push the boundaries a little bit more to become an outstanding Korean fusion restaurant. But I will be back for the strawberry chicken and probably the molten cheese pot. I have to leave right after the dinner cause I have the second event that night but honestly it was a pleasant dinner.

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Monday-Friday: 11am-3pm & 5pm-10pm
Saturday: 12.30pm-3pm & 5pm-10pm
Sunday: 5pm-10pm

Oh Deer
Tivolo Rd, Shop 24
235 Bourke St