Interview with Tasia and Gracia

Sunday, May 15, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

By Sharon Halim, Melbourne 03 May 2016

Tasia and Gracia Seger are the winners of My Kitchen Rules 2016.

Their talent, dedication and courage are clearly demonstrated in their dishes. Their passion for food began early in their life and has grown ever since. They are perfect examples of "Practice Makes Perfect" and "Follow Your Dream". Here's a little chat we had with the champion sisters:

Q: Tell me a little background story about both of you.

A: We were born in Jakarta and lived there until Tasia was 10 and Gracia was 9 years old. We moved to Darwin for about 2 years, then moved to India for 5 years and finally settled down here in Melbourne. Tasia has a degree in Psychology and a post grad in Counselling. Gracia has a Masters in Biomedical and Health Science. 
Q: When did you fall in love with food and what made you decide to cook?

A: We fell in love with food since we were really young. We love cooking because food can bring people together, we also enjoy the feeling of creating something and making it look beautiful.

Q: As amateur cooks, do you have a signature style or focus in certain cuisines and why?

A: Yes, we focus on Asian cooking but at the same time we love to experiment with different ingredients to create new flavours. Gracia and I love cooking traditional recipes but also modernising the dish by its plating.

Q: Do you think amateur cooks have a large influence on the food business? And what do you think they are?

A: I do think amateur cooks can bring a lot of new inspiration and new ideas into the food business. Maybe it's because they can bring more creativity and willingness to try out new flavour combinations such as Fusion food. Though sometimes the classics should be left as is.

Q: What made you finally apply for My Kitchen Rules?

A: Tasia gave the final push! I think we have wanted to do this for so long and this year was the perfect time because Gracia had finished her studies and I had no work commitments.

Q: How did you prepare for MKR?

A: A lot of cooking. We cooked all day everyday!

Q: What is the most precious lesson you've learned from MKR?

A: I think being able to adapt to different cooking challenges.

Q: What's your most difficult and happiest moments at MKR? 

A: The most difficult moment would be cooking against the team that you are really close with. And that was the case for us when we were doing the cook off challenge with our group 2 team mates. The happiest moment would be opening the door during our instant restaurant and seeing Pete and Manu.

Q: What is your future plan for life after MKR?

A: We are working on our sauces at the moment and hopefully we can launch soon. Our goal is definitely to open a restaurant.

Q: Do you have any words of encouragement for all the amateur cooks out there?

A: Don’t be afraid and cook with love! There is nothing wrong with trying.