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Jhonny Di Francessco's margherita pizza won the world's best pizza award in 2014. His original restaurant 400 Gradi is located at Brunswick but soon after his fame, his second restaurant opened at the famous Crown. The restaurant it self was huge and sophisticated, divided by two sides - a more casual, cafe sittings area and the restaurants. Even though sometimes when they are really busy, they use the whole area for dining. I love their semi outdoor area overlooking the Yarra river, it's decorated with charming dropping leaves and every time I pass by I'm always attracted to it.

I have visited Gradi before, close to it's opening day at Crown because I just can't wait to taste the world best pizza. Honestly, last time I was disappointed. It was good but not mind blowing good. After all this time, I decided to give it a second try since me and my friends are due to have some meetings over dinner.

Mocktails of the day ($12). It was a mixed of fruits without any soda and the perfect mixed of sweetness and sourness.

Arancini - crumbed rice ball made with pork sausage, spicy rose sausage ($6). I love this arancini, it was well made and tasted delicious. It definitely has melt in your mouth moment.

Calamari Fritti - fried calamari ($19.5). The calamari fritti was well fried but taste just average, just like any other calamari fritti and I found the portions to be a little bit small.

Margherita Verace - San Marzano tomato, buffalo mozzarella, basil ($21). This is the world best pizza, I had to order it again cause my dining partner have not tried them. The based are very thin and if you want it to be crispy, you have to eat it right away. It was light and refreshing.

Funghi e Mozzarella - fior di latte, mixed mushrooms and leg ham ($18). Last time, I did not get a chance to try their calzone so this time I asked the waiter which one is the most popular. Surprisingly, I love them so much and all of my dining companion agreed. It comes in a very generous size, the bread was warm and soft, the filling was juicy, tasty and melt in your mouth.

Linguine alle Vongole - linguine with clams and chilli ($34). It's not a big secret that I love vongole and this was a good one. Well seasoned but not too heavy, the clams was fresh, no fishy smell at all. 

Fettucine alla Bolognese - fettucine with traditional meat sauce ($27). Bolognese is a very common pasta sauce these days and they manage to make it something different, it was light and fresh. The fettucine was perfectly made and well mixed with the pasta.

Spaghetti alla Carbonara - traditional spaghetti alla carbonara with egg. Italian guanciale and pecorino sardo ($27). It was well made but very rich. I prefer my vongole.

Tiramisu - coffee sponge with port, mascarpone and cocoa ($15). Tiramisu was a bit small even though it taste good. Creamy and rich.

Panna cotta del giorno - panna cotta of the day; mixed berry ($14). The panna cotta was well made and I enjoyed it. Sweet, creamy but refreshing.

Nutella Calzone - calzone with nutella ($15). This was another surprise, it was warm and the perfect ending to our dinner. We did not expect this to be that good but it was.

Compared to my last visit I'm much happier with quality of food this time around. Even though I would still say the same thing regarding the Margherita pizza but the rest of the food are pretty good. The service needed to be a little more attentive and aware but overall it was a good night.

Gradi Crown Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato Monday-Sunday: 12pm-11pm

8 Whiteman St
Southbank, VIC 3006

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