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Firedoor opened it's door in 2015. It represents Australia's first fire powered menu, the unique concept of cooking with fire. Chef Lennox Hastie spent five years with Victor Arguinzoniz developing their skills and pushing boundaries on the art of cooking with fire. He first got his inspiration at Amador Etxebarri, Spain (Top 50 Restaurant in the World) and finally settled in Sydney with Fink Group (owner of Quay, Otto Ristorante, Bennelong) as a consultant. The team experiment with burning various woods to create different flavour profiles for each dish. The menu changes daily with the focus on using the freshest produces. They have a great respect for the ingredients and loves to showcase their natural beauty and flavour.
As I mention before I met Charlie Carrington (Owner & Head Chef of the upcoming Atlas restaurant) at one of Yummed event. He mentioned that Fire Door have develop and completely elevate it's games during the past year and it's time to revisit it. When I had sudden business trip scheduled in Sydney, I text Charlie whether he can make a reservation for me and my friends cause I'm not sure in such a short we are able to score a table. Charlie being a nice guy as he is, booked a table for me and my friends. 

I arrived at the restaurant 8pm on a Tuesday night, the restaurant it self is rustic with wood as a decoration and furnitures, the open kitchen showcasing the fire and the amazing skills shown by the Chef's. They have plenty of regular tables and bar tables right in front of the open kitchen. There's an option of a la carte or Chef menu $90. As I have an early dinner at Koi prior this appointment, we decided to go for an a la carte. One of the lovely staff suggest 6-8 dishes for a group of 4, we opted for 6.

We started with Wood Fired Bread ($8). One of my friend he's a big eater and afraid that he will not be satisfied with the portions so he insisted on ordering the brea. The bread was crusty sourdough style loaf with soft middle served with butter and oil

Complimentary Borlotti, Pumpkin, Pecorino ($17). This was a lovely surprise from the kitchen and I thank Charlie for it. This is one of the most beautiful and tasty vegetable dish I have ever tasted in my life.

School Prawns, Garlic Shoots, Chilli ($19). This was our favourite dish of the night, it was perfectly cooked. Crunchy smoky flavour on the outside as well as moist and well seasoned on the inside. I know I said this before on the last paragraph but this arguable the best school prawns I have ever consume. They also provide a moist towel to clean your hands afterwards.

Albacore, Kohlrabi, Pomelo ($23). Best eaten when it's hot cause the there's an after taste fishy flavour when it's cold. Perfectly cooked by one side and raw on the other side, mixed with the pomelo perfectly. 

Live Marron, Finger Lime, Native Herbs ($51). Another dish I love and I wish to have more of them, the marron was properly cooked and seasoned. Light, fresh and super delicious. Seafood produce at it's best.

Blue Fin Gurnard, Peppers, Zucchini ($27). Another beautiful vegetable display on the plate, the smokiness works perfectly with the zucchini. The tuna comes in a generous cut and I'm amaze by the different taste of smokiness presented by Fire Door.

New Season Lamb, Carrot, Salsa Verde ($45). Even though the lamb was pink ,it still has a strong lamb smell and taste but the carrot was the best carrot ever. The salsa completes the dish by adding the freshness and acidity to the dish.

Black Market Chuck Tail, Shiitake, Caper Raisin ($63). Again, we were surprised by the portions. This is one of my favourite dish by Fire Door, another well cooked meat. Super tender and flavourful. The shiitake was a bit to dried but the rest of teh ingredients just complemented the beef perfectly. I could eat this dish by my self.

Complimentary Special of The Day - Murray Cod Head with Rainbow Chard. We are so full but this intriguing dish arrived. I rarely eat Cod Head but my dad was very font of fish head. Some of the fish was pretty blant but the sauce actually taste really nice.

The service was really nice, they change the plate every now and then so we can start fresh. When they offered us a dessert we are pretty full already so we decided to skip it. I'm so amazed by the technique, they make their own charcoal out of different wood to add flavour to each dish and the flavour clearly shown. I leave with a fully satisfied stomach and would love to come back some time soon.

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Monday-Wednesday: 5.30pm-10.30pm
Thursday-Saturday:12pm-3pm & 5.30-10.30pm
Sunday: Closed

23-33 Mary St
Surry Hills, NSW 2010