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Sunday, May 29, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

Our story starts with a boy who leaves school at 15 and pursues his dream of becoming a chef with determination. Now 22, he is ready to open his first restaurant called Atlas Dining in Melbourne. His name is Charlie Carrington.

Seven years ago, he began his journey as an amateur chef at the Stokehouse Restaurant in St Kilda. He went on to enrich his cooking technique and build up his confidence from apprenticeships at three hat restaurants such as Vue de Monde (Melbourne) and Marque (Sydney). 

Charlie’s grandmother was the figure who was responsible for inspiring him to fall in love with cooking. “When I was a kid, my grandma used to cook this one amazing dessert that I love so much that it inspired me to become a Chef when I grow up,” recalled Charlie when he was interviewed by Yummed. The dessert was golden syrup dumpling which the talented Charlie himself has no difficulty in replicating. He still loves it up to this day.

Being exposed to different cooking styles and working environments, this adventurous chef chose his own signature cooking style which was inspired from Firedoor (Sydney), one of his previous workplaces. He said that Firedoor opened his eyes on how various kinds of woods could be utilized for different dishes to create unique smoky flavours. For him it is imperative that people keep trying new things and new experiences because you will discover yourself more in each every adventure and find a new interest you would not have imagined before. 

“I could not stress enough that in cooking world, you should do countless trials and errors, accumulate new experiences and expose yourself to new knowledge before you finally settle. Before working at Firedoor, I had no interest in using wood.” 

After time abroad gaining experience from iconic restaurants in London, San Francisco, Bangkok, Sydney and Singapore, including the 3 Michelin Star Gordon Ramsay’s restaurant, he felt ready to open his own restaurant, create his own distinct dishes and share his love for food. In 2016, returned to Melbourne to start his new chapter: Atlas Dining. 

Atlas Dining is tasting menu restaurant. It changes cuisines in every 4 months (3 times a year). The majority of the dishes will be touched by fire using his uniquely designed Wood Oven, Hearth and Grills creating unique wood fired flavors. Using only the product that is available within 250km radius from the restaurant, Atlas is determined to use the best and freshest products in the local area. It's also much better for the local economy and environment.

“Every Friday, we will donate all the food wastage to the local mission. There are just too many people who go hungry and we do not really want to waste anything,” promised Charlie with confidence. The website will be online and available for booking in July and the restaurant itself will open in August. You can picture him shuffling around in his restaurant right now as he's doing some of the renovation by himself.

However, in spite of his busy schedule, he still spared some time to come to one of Yummed’s events (Sunday Soiree). He honestly said that he loves the concept, people and the food of course. He definitely loves to come to more events and perhaps in the future when he has a chance, he would be keen to become the host as well.

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