Yummed Sunday Soiree (Invited)

Thursday, April 28, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Yummed is a new unique dining experience in Melbourne. Ayudh Nagara, the owner and founder of Yummed approach me with this bright idea of connecting people with food but a twist. He sought to reintroduce the original social dining experience; the home cooked meal. Yummed vision is to grow into a community for passionate chefs, amateur cooks and food lovers to connect over an adventerous dining experience served in a home.

It was held on a two bedroom apartment at Kavanagh st rented by Sam and Angie Ayudh's friend from Simplot Ignite program. They are kind enough to allowed Yummed to held their third event.

I helped out with the starters. Mix lettuce, spinach, baby tomato with shredded parmesan cheese and balsamic vinegar dressings.

Ayudh is in charge with the main, he cook Provencale Chicken with mushrooms and olives, best to be consume with bread and butter. Ayudh and his wife Emily done a good job preparing the meal.

The desserts was made by me using one of my dad's recipe from the bakery in Indonesia. Mocha chiffon cake with vanilla bean custard and fresh raspberries. Everybody seems to love them and some of them even said it's the best chiffon ever. I really appreciate it since the recipes it self has a sentimental value for me.

There were 12 people attending which was perfect, Charlie Carrington the owner of the upcoming Atlas restaurant was invited by Sam, there are also 4 potential host for the next event and some other friends and families. It really is a unique concept and have great potential to be the next big thing. Their next event feature my good friend Girleatsmelbourne, she is a really talented cook and passionate about what she do. There are only 2 spot left on the event. Book your place at their website now!

Yummed Sunday Soiree
Kavanagh St
Southbank, VIC 3006