Vincent The Dog

Wednesday, April 06, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Vincent The Dog is located next door to Markov place in the suburb of Carlton. The cafe have 3 tiny separates area, outdoor tables in front of the cafe, indoor and small patio at the back.  There is a communal table that takes up almost all the space indoor with a few window seats, quirky decorations and the rest was their bar and kitchen. My favourite area is the outdoor patio at the back, they have fake grass and white walls with plants just simply charming and serene. 

Big Breakfast - mushroom, chorizo, scrambled egg, mixed bean, corn salsa and grill tomato with one piece toast ($16.9). This dish just fall average all over, nothing memorable.

When I first saw Chinese Donut - filled with melted cheese, topped with shredded pork floss, pickled veggies and a fried/poached egg ($14.5), I immediately think of Asian food. Chinese Donut usually incorporated as part of congee (asian porridge) or some of yum cha dishes. It is simply unique, what they have done to a Chinese donut.

The most popular dish at Vincent the Dog is Pulled pork shoulder open waffle sandwich - pickled red cabbage, coleslaw and chipotle aioli ($14.9). The pork serving is generous and it was sticky, sweet, juicy. If you are a fan of crispy waffles than you'll be dissapointed cause the waffle were wuite eggy, it was soft and fluffy.

Mixed berry compote with classic waffle base - mascarpone and whipped cream ($12.9). The soft and fluffy waffle works so well with the other ingredients. The mascarpone and whipped cream taste really good and complement the whole dish.

Vincent the Dog is serious when it comes to coffee, they sells take home coffee jugs and keep cups, Kono drippers, pour-overs and many more. They also offers various seasonal blends, single origins, filter coffee from Costa Rica, Congo, Ethiopia and many unique coffee drinks such as affogato with a fererro roche, coffee with raspberry foam on top (summer only) etc.

Their coffee was good as expected, fluffy and smooth but the Ice Coffee was amazing, I love it so much. It has the right amount of coffee and ice cream.

Matcha Latte, why not? Is literally the name of their Matcha latte, sadly it was disappointing. It was grainy, watery and overrated.

Overall, Vincent the Dog offers a unique brunch menu rather than typical, they served waffles, bagels, Chinese donuts with various creative coffee drinks. The let down was it's a bit difficult to order or to get attention of the staff when you are seating at the back, besides that they are friendly and easy going.

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Monday-Sunday: 7am-4pm

Vincent The Dog
348 Drummond St
Carlton, Melbourne
VIC 3053