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Sepia is the pinnacle of Sydney fine dining scene. It has received numerous awards such as Three Chefs Hats by Good Food Guide, Sydney Restaurant of the year 2015 by Gault & Millau Australia, Best Fine Dining Restaurant 2015 by Time Out Food Awards and many more. Martin Benne the owner and Head Chef of Sepia began his career in London learning French gastronomy under Michel Lorrain later on he also worked under the famous Marco Pierre White. Finally relocating to Australia in 1996, he learn the fundamentals of Japanese cuisine from Chef Tetsuya Wakuda. Sepia was opened in 2009 and progressing quickly become one of the outstanding fine dining restaurant in Australia.

When I was planning to visit Sydney, I'm a bit torn between Quay and Sepia but apparently there's a cruise ship docking which mean it will block most of the view at Quay. So Sepia it is! Reservation is definitely recommended since even on lunch time they are often fully booked. The restaurant it self was simple, modern yet elegant and screams sophistication.

My husband love fresh oyster so when they offer an Optional Oysters, he went straight for it. I did try one of them and it was fresh, no fishy taste of smell at all which I like.

He also order an Koyuki Ice Tea - yuzu, lemon balm. elderflower, white rose ($13). First it was served hot than pour into a jug full of ice, an interesting way to served a glass of tea. The tea was light yet refreshing, I love it.

"Amuse Bouche" - smoked scarlet prawn, pickled daikon, shiso, seared bonito, apple and daikon, sesame. This is the perfect opener for me, the smokey prawn was delicious as well as the tuna.

Tuna, quail egg, tosazu kabu horseradish leaf oil, wasabi flower. This is one of my favourite dish of the day, it was fresh, light yet full of punching flavour.

Butter poached squid, miso cured egg yolk, sorrel. The squid was perfectly cooked and presented, soft, light yet you can taste the butter and miso cured egg yolk.

Spanner crab, sake vinegar jelly, salted cucumber and green apple, brown butter emulsion. This dish definitely have the theatrical flare to it with all the smoke and reminded me of a beautiful cold snowy winter. It was creamy yet the spanner crab really shine and worked well with the thin sake vinegar jelly.

Charcoal grilled black lip abalone, bamboo, sea vegetables, dashi cream, cured pork cheek, wakame oil, sorrel. This is my favourite dish of the day, the smokiness of the charcoal grilled black lip abalone was amazing. All the ingredients worked incredibly together creating a punching memorable delicious taste.

Potato, dashi, caviar. The potato was extremely creamy yet fluffy almost like a foam with crunchy popping caviar on top creating a lovely dish. Also served together with the bread and round silky butter.

Seared sea urchin, smoked bone marrow, cauliflower, yuzu koshu, toasted milk bread, citrus soy, sobacha and Shiitake mushroom sushi. This is my second favourite dish of the day. I always love sea urchin and was really happy to taste a super fresh sea urchin with melt in your mouth bone marrow, the cauliflower, yuzu and citrus keeps it fresh and gives it an acidity to the dish. The shiitake mushroom sushi was delicious, super crunchy and partnered well with the sea urchin dish.

Roasted cornfed Aylesbury duck breast, lemon aspen, sheep yoghurt, boysenberry vinegar, fennel. The duck was cooked perfectly, pinkish flesh but no blood. It has an acidity from the lemon, boysenberry vinegar but balanced with the creamy sheep yoghurt and fennel. Well balanced dish indeed.

Chargrilled David Blackmore wagyu sirloin, spinach, pine mushroom miso mustard. Outstanding presentations, it has a fantasy vibe to it. The wagyu well cooked as well as very well seasoned.

Optional: Comte, pear jelly, roasted endive, fried walnuts, plum, celery. Another beautifully presented dish. Taste wise this dish was too creamy and cheesy for my taste even though I shared this dish with my husband, we do think it's best share between 3-4pp.

"The Pearl" - raspberry and gingeraid. A nice palette cleanser, sweet, sour, chilled with a strong ginger flavour. It looks like a planet in the galaxy from on top.

Mulberries, salted white chocolate, frozen blackberry and buttermilk sherbet, kinome leaf. Another smoky dramatical dish but fresh, light with a hint of creaminess.

"Milks" - milk chocolate, coconut yoghurt, rice milk pudding, goat milk dolce de lache, sheep milk sorbet, milk cake, milk crisp, yuba. It contains 8 different textures of milk. It was creamy but not overwhelming with a light coconut flavour.

"Summer Chocolate Forest" - soft chocolate, hazelnut and almond, violet crumble cream, blackberry sorbet, elderflower and meyer lemon jellies, green tea, licorice, chocolate twigs, bronze fennel. This dish is one of Sepia signature dish and the presentation match the name. It looks like enchanted forest and almost too beautiful to eat. All the elements magically works together, complementing each other perfectly.

Japanese Stones - berries, salted passionfruit and white chocolate, soft chocolate. This is the last course and it may look simple just like a stone you would find in a Japanese garden but they have 3 different flavour in them and all of them were nice closure to the meal.

It was a 4 hour dining experience and we left with a completely full tummy. Sepia takes my tastebuds on a rollercoaster of deliciousness and It's certainly a degustation experience I would love to repeat in the future.

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