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Tuesday, April 26, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sartoria is merely open for a couple months by Adriana Agricola's, the daughter of Joseph and Carmela Agricola's the owner of J & C Agricola dressmaking, bridal and evening wear factory (1970s-1990s). After 15 years in New York, Adriana came home. She wanted to combine food and fashion so she decided to convert the former dress factory into a charming sentimental cafe. Jason Shiong (Di Bella Coffee Roasting Warehouse, Longrain) contributed in directing the progressive but approachable menu. Luke Hawkins the in house chef makes it come true everyday at Sartoria.

I was invited to Sartoria and get to meet Adriana, she is a friendly and super creative woman. She grew up living upstairs and she clearly has a strong bond to this place. Every inch of the cafe is decorated with their personal history. Big communal table where Adriana used to helped their parents roll out patterns as a kid with cold-drip coffee maker filled with vintages wedding buttons and brooches. You'll see sewing tables, antique sewing machines, fabric holders as a partition, and vintage slide show. One of the things I love the most some of the bar stool are covered with measurement tape, it was creative and unique.

The cafe it self has a nice spacious courtyard in front of the cafe and spacious, classic yet trendy indoor area. For the mothers out there, they have high chairs as well as a changing table at their restroom. I honestly love their cafe, it's almost like a museum and I can see all the love Adriana's has put into this space. She also showed me various fashionable apron's, they were edgy with a hipster flare and I can't wait until she sell's them.

I started with my regular skinny cappuccino and their speciality coffee is supplied by Where's Marcel? This is the first time I tasted Where's Marcel? coffee and I like it.

Red Velvet Hot Chocolate - house cold-pressed, beetroot-infused ($5). Red Velvet drinks is really popular in Indonesia but they often used food colourings so I was intrigue to see Sartoria version of Red Velvet Hot Chocolate. The colour was not as red as I expected it to be but the taste was warm with the perfect sweetness.

They also have various hot drinks, juices from Milla's and Victoria Market as well as cocktails such as Bloody Marry with Crispy Prosciutto ($14).

The Necchi - sticky black rice pudding, banana, lychee, young coconut, black chia jelly, matcha foam ($15). This dish is one of their signature dish and named after a brand of Italian sewing machine. Beautifully presented, a really nice spin on the classic traditional sticky black rice pudding. Subtle, light with a refreshing taste at the end.

The Bernina - pistachio, almond and honey granola, elderflower yoghurt panna cotta, fruits, limoncello curd ($14.5). Adriana told me that the Bernina is the brand name of her mother sewing machine and it's also displayed in the cafe. The dish it self was beautifully mixed and all the ingredients works together but I do prefer the panna cotta served as a whole.

The Designer - buffalo yoghurt hotcakes, activated nuts, green tea cream, caramelised pineapple, salted kara ($17.5). Just like The Necchi and The Bernina, all the other dishes named correlates to the the dress making factory. I brought my photographer friend with me to this visit and this is his favourite dish, he can't stop eating it. The hotcakes was fluffy, soft and warm mixed in with juicy caramelised pineapple, crunchy nuts and the green tea cream just tied everything together.

The Seamstress - waffle hash brown, poached eggs, beetroot, charred onion petals, pea puree, goats curd, dill ($17.5). I love the crispiness on the outside but remain moist and soft on the inside. This is a nice twist on a classic breakfast.

The Pattern - 8 hour braised lamb shoulder, caponata, Victorian farro, salsa verde ($22). The lamb was super tender but still has a little bit lamb smell on it but the salsa was fresh and juicy.

Adriana's hospitality was beyond amazing, she was accommodating and works really hard to make this place came true. Her hard work attracts the attention of Broadsheet, The Age Good Food Guide and many Melbourne foodies in such as short time. This is an exciting start for her and her families, I wish them the best of luck and this is certainly not going to be my last visit.

Score: đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹đŸ’‹
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