Pabu Grill and Sake (Invited)

Thursday, April 07, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Pabu Grill & Sake located in the busy Collingwood area and it's a casual Japanese restaurant by day, trendy hip Japanese Izakaya by night. Pabu it self means pub in Japanese. Khoa Nguyen the owner of Pabu often travel to Japan to find new inspirations for his restaurants, with the collaboration with Chef Anura they bring the vision alive in Melbourne.

I was invited to the Food Blogger Event at Pabu Grill & Sake. The restaurant it self was clearly a combination between modern and traditional Japanese culture. The wall was decorated with beautiful Japanese artwork by Hiroyasu Tsuri, an award winning local Japanese artist based in Melbourne. Pabu is alive, relax yet edgy with various seating options from communal table to the semi private room at the back. Pabu is specialise in Japanese Tapas and they also have a wide ranges of cocktails to light up your night.

I decided to try their Kiwi Tango Mocktails - fresh kiwi fruit, coconut syrup & apple juice. They are pretty light in flavour but I think I prefer it without the coconut syrup.

We started with some Edamame and Lotus Chips with Spicy Mayo. Classic edamame which I love with crunchy lotus chips and tasty spicy mayo, it's a good start.

Gyu Tataki - seared porterhouse, citrus soy sauce, spring onion, red ginger, wasabi snow. The beef was so thin and fresh, it just dissolved in your mouth. The dressings has a very strong ginger flavour that I'm not that fond of but has the right balance of sour and sweetness underneath it.

Fish Tartare - salmon, tuna & king fish, avocado, wasabi mayo, lemon zest, mountain caviar, black sesame rice cracker. It was creamy yet fresh dish with a delicious soft texture from the fish contrasting with the crunchy black sesame cracker and the popping caviar.

Nasu Dengaku - baked & grilled eggplant, homemade sweet & spicy mayo, shredded seaweed. Have I ever told you before, that I love eggplants? I think they are under rated. It was super creamy, rich, sweet and soft but I just wish the eggplant skin could be a little softer so it will dissolved together with the rest of the dish.

Ebi Capsicum - tempura style tiger prawn, homemade spicy mayo, sesame onion, sauteed capsicum. The prawn was crunchy on the outside and perfectly cooked inside with the tasty spicy mayo. No complain here.

Sumiyaki Set - scallop wrapped in bacon and chicken yakitori. The chicken was tender and perfectly marinated. I wish the bacon was crunchier and tastier to contrast with the scallop. The scallop was a bit over cooked for my taste.

Robinson Island Wagyu 7+ Marble - wagyu porterhouse, sea urchin & wasabi butter, onion stalk, baby pickled radish. The wagyu could be a little bit more tender and warmer when it's served as well as a little bit more punching flavour from the sea urchin and wasabi butter could elevate this dish even more.

Cod Misoyaki - grilled black cod, homemade sweet miso, mirin & sake. The cod was well cooked, it was soft and appetizing, especially with creamy sweet miso sauce.

Dessert Platter - Green tea creme brulee, flourless chocolate cake & creme caramel. We all agreed that we love the green tea creme brulee. The flourless chocolate could be a little richer and the creme caramel could be a little bit softer.

The first four course of our dinner was perfectly timed but when people starts coming in and they began to get busy, the service slows down a bit. The staff was friendly and trying to be as attentive as they can. Khoa him self was very accommodating. Overall, it was a great night. I was happy to meet Sheena and Thomas from Chasing A Plate and have a long, random conversations through out the Japanese dinner.

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Monday-Friday: 10am-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11am-4pm & 5pm-10pm

Pabu Grill and Sake
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