La ville de Gaspard et Lisa

Friday, April 08, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

La ville de Gaspard et Lisa is a village decorated with Gaspard and Lisa themes and the area resembles a French village. There is mini scale Eiffel Tower, dancing fountain that will light up at night, carousel (400yen) and Paris cart (400yen). The two kiddy rides are included in your Free Pass.

There is no admission to this village and it is located just outside Fuji Q Highland and just beside the Highland Resort Hotel Gaspard (black dog) and Lisa (white dog) are two fictional dogs from a popular children's book and later on animation series by Anne Gutman and Georg Hallensleben.

Passage de Gaspard et Lisa is where all the limited editions souvenirs and merchandise are sold. There are numerous items, starting from Gaspard and Lisa dolls, key rings, stationaries and many more. There is a museum on the 2nd floor (admission free) displaying some of the sketch and autograph of the creator.

Patisserie is where all of this cute cookies of Gaspard and Lisa are made and can be bought. There are many various cute boxes as well as flavours (raspberry, condescend milk & peach taste.

There are also Mt Fuji shape cookies with various flavour (strawberry, strawberry sour cherry, green tea, green tea adzuki bean, earl grey, earl grey orange peel, vanilla, vanilla almond, chocolate, chocolate walnut) and multiple cute packagings as well. They are perfect for souvenirs.

Cafe Brioche - After a long day at Fuji Q Highland, we decided to have some tea time. Cafe Brioche sells various limited editions Gaspard and Lisa cakes and patisserie.

The interior was decorated dominantly by red colour, it has a cozy, classic but also has a modern twist to it. In front of the cafe there are a line of red table and chair just like in French.

Their coffee was pretty decent, a bit too watery for me. They served it with a cute mug of Gaspard and Lisa. Most of their patisserie taste good, the dough was fluffy and they are not too sweet. I also bought some for the next day breakfast.

Score: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Les Reves Salon deThe - This is a high class restaurant, in front they have a small bakery that sells cakes, cookies and some French inspired delicacies. The interior was grand, luxurious, classic similar to ballroom with all the chandeliers, classic paintings and white & gold colour themes.

Le Gaspard et Lisa Restaurants - is the official restaurant of Gaspard and Lisa.

After all the fun we had at Fuji Q Highland and Le Gaspard et Lisa, we decided to visit Fujiyama Onsen and Fujiyama Museum than it's time for dinner!

There is a small cake shop in front of the restaurants and it sells similar items with Les Reves Salon deThe and Cafe Brioche. They also sell some merchandise and souvenirs.

The restaurant was decorated perfectly with Gaspard and Lisa themes. It was fun, the place has a happy, cosy and the service was incredibly nice.

Fujiyama Beef Curry with Salad (1550yen) - it was served on a cute Gaspard and Lisa plate and the rice have two colours and stack together mimicking a mountain. The taste of the curry it self was nice, rich and the meat was tender.

Spaghetti Tuna and Brocolli (1250yen) - spaghetti was tasty but they were so little tuna and brocolli in it, I was expecting more.

They also have their own label of wine which are unique and great for Gaspard and Lisa souvenirs or to be open at the restaurant for a special occasions.


Overall, La ville de Gaspard et Lisa is a small French village with a magical touch, it's certainly a whimsical place. It's a perfect area to relax after all the fun at Fuji Q Highland.

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