Kaki Lima (Invited)

Monday, April 18, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Kaki Lima means 'five feet' in Bahasa Indonesia. It's an analogy for a crowded and lively pedestrian sidewalks which are famous for selling hawker and street style food carts. In the old days they were usually five feet wide. Kaki Lima's focus on fast service, reasonably priced food and punching Indonesian flavours with a twist.
I was invited to Kaki Lima for their Grand Launching event. I personally known some of the owners and they have been a good friends of mine for a long time. They come from different background with one similar interest and decided to combine all of their various skills to create this petit yet edgy and modern restaurant. 

They have 8 indoor seatings but plenty of outdoor area by the basketball court which are perfect for people watching or simply watching the match.

Grilled Fish Rica Rica - Manado style fish fillet grilled to golden and crisp, served with tangy rica-rica salsa of bird's eye chilli and fresh red tomato. There is an options of changing the fish to beef or chicken. Rica-Rica dish is famous in Indonesia and love by the locals. This is their most spicy dish, beware even for an Indonesian palette. I personally love them, the spices in the fish it self was delicious and authentic but the salsa was way too spicy for me. Next time I will ask them to separate the salsa for me.

'Crazy Rice' - white rice with delicious meat combo and rich sweet soy flavour. This is one of the most famous street food in Jakarta. 'Crazy Rice' in Kaki Lima is a deconstructed version of the original Crazy Rice. To be honest, I was expecting a fried rice since the original traditional crazy rice meant to be a fried rice. After tasting Kaki Lima version of crazy rice, it's not bad at all. Strong sweet soy flavour clearly dominated the dish and becomes the sauces for the white rice as well. It has a warm filling in your belly and I wouldn't mind having this for my weekly lunch.

Bang 'J' Pork Noodle - Chewy Indonesian egg rubber noodle served with savoury garlic pork mince, and crispy pork crackling to top it off. This is my favourite dish at Kaki Lima, the noodle it self was really tasty with a nice kind of saltiness. The garlic mince pork was a nice topping, it enhanced the flavour but I just wish the pork crackling was a little bit crunchier. 

"Bala Bala' Corn Vegie Fritter - crispy fried corn-vegie fritters served with a sauce of your choice. This dish is available as a meal with rice or just on it's own. It was super crunchy, tasty but not too greasy. I will definitely order this with any meal at Kaki Lima.

One of their unique points is the option of switching your protein on some of their dish, also you can upgrade your rice to brown rice for just $1. They does provide a wide ranges of food with Indonesian punching taste with a reasonable priced but there are rooms for Kaki Lima to grow. The concept it self is unique and rarely to be find, I found it refreshing and intriguing. One of my highlight the grand launching was I get met Tasia and Gracia from My Kitchen Rules 2016.

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Monday-Friday: 11am-9pm
Saturday: 11am-4pm
Sunday: Closed

Kaki Lima
1 Stewart St
Melbourne, VIC 3000