Food Social South Eastern Cook Off

Sunday, April 03, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Food Social is an organisation based on membership, creating multiple exclusive events such as Global Feast as well as Cook Off collaborating with various organisations, chef and restaurants.

My friend Girleatsmelbourne won Food Social Au giveaway competition in Instagram. She decided to bring me with her and we are both pretty excited since this is a new experience.

The cook off event held in South Melbourne Market, there is a small room with complete kitchen appliances which is perfect for the event. It start with an introduction by Pheh, the founder of Food Social Au then she divided us into two teams of four. The event is basically a Southern East Asian cook off with Chef Kam McManamey (Ex Botherambo). He started the event with demonstrating his signature Crying Tiger Beef dish and then we get to taste them.

The competition began with the Mystery box challenges, just like Master Chef. The mystery item was minced pork and both team are given a spesific time to cook the appetizers using the ingredients provided. Christina is in charge for the first dish and decided to create a poach lettuce wrap filled with minced pork and served with vegetables broth.

The final cook off, we have re create Chef Kam McManamey Crying Tiger Beef dish and I'm pretty much in charge in organizing this dish and it turns out great and delicious. 

After the cooking part is done, we get to clean up the kitchen and finally sit down together and feast on our labor. At the very end Phea announced the winner and luckliy our group is the winner.

This is a nice change for my Saturday routines, it was fun and I get to meet new people as well as learnt a couple new tricks from Chef Kam. I would love to do this again in the future.