Bang Bang Pop Up (Invited)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Bang Bang is lead by Matthew Dunbar (Ex Longrain) which focus on IndoChina cuisine such as Laos, Vietnam, Thailand, Cambodia cuisines while emphasising the French influence on the local cuisine.
I was invited by Toby, the General Manager of Bang Bang Pop Up to taste some of their food before they closed and get ready to open the new venue in Elsternwick later this year. The Boatbuilders pop up have provided an opportunities for foodies to taste the newest venture from Matthew Dunham and provided Matthew an honest feedback while creating the full menu for the restaurant.

First, Toby treat us with some light, refreshing, unique cocktails to start the day. It was a hot day and the cocktails was perfect for the day.

Then we start with Beef Jerky - coriander, kaffir lime, cashews ($7). It was flavoursome and perfecttly seasoned but the beef was a little bit too tough for my taste.

Grilled Chicken Skewers - tumeric, wild ginger, eggplant & kampot relish. Fried tumeric chicken is one of my favourite dish back home, my grand mother always cook it for me every time I went back to Indonesia. Bang Bang grilled chicken skewers reminded me of them, it was well marinated, cooked perfectly but I wish it was a bit more richer.

Beef in Betel Leaf - lemongrass, vietnamese mint, nuoc cham ($12). The beef was super juicy and tasty, it's one of my favourite dish of the day.

Silken & Crispy tofu salad - mints, lime, roasted rice, lemongrass, rice cakes ($10). This is our favourite dish of the day. It was tasty yet light and refreshing. Crispy and soft texture was present. I love it.

Pork Banh Mini - slow braised pork, duck parfait, pickled mustard greens ($6.5). The bun was crispy and it has a generous fillings and tender meat but it was pretty blend compare to the others. I wish it has more spices on the pork. The pork skin was beyond crispy and tasty.

Black Sticky Rice - coconut cream, mango ($7). It was warm, sweet and taste authentic. Even though we wish the black sticky rice was a little bit more tender but flavour wise it was perfect. I want more!

Toby explained to me the new restaurant will be more refine with proper platings, shared dishes as well as a well decorated place. Honestly, I can't wait until it opens.

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Bang Bang Pop Up
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