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Thursday, March 10, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Sir Charles has been operating for quite some time now and I received numerous positive recommendation about this place. It has been the trend lately for a restaurant opens for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 

The Cafe it self, It's an open, airy and modern place, very inviting from the outside. Classic, chic with black and white, a lil bit of modern classic french style. Inside is a new innovations of warehouse cafe, it's still has the classic attribute such as exposed pipes and wooden beams but it's a different design from the other warehouse cafe we often see. It's brighter, wider, softer in terms of colours and vibe. The natural light from the outside give different kind of feeling to the place. Honestly, I love it. They make several changes from they first open, they add their own roasting machine and waiting area at the very back of the cafe.

The menu in Sir Charles is Asian inspired, classic brunch dishes given an Asian twist which is very popular nowadays. They sells various Cronuts ($5) and Doughnuts ($4) to accompany your coffee or tea while waiting for your main meal. Their coffee is pretty consistent since this is my third visit to Sir Charles.

One of the most popular menu is Sir Charles Benedict - panko crumbed eggs, sriracha hollandaise, bacon on roti ($19). The egg was made perfectly, the roti was tasty and the hollandaise was rich and delicious. I recommended this for sharing unless you are really into something very rich and tasty. The first mouthful will taste divine but most of my friends unable to finish the whole plate alone because of the overwhelming punching taste. 

#Hash - potato hash w/ roasted field mushrooms, grilled haloumi, confit tomato, chilli and coriander relish and poached egg served with sourdough toast ($18). The hash a bit too densed for my taste but the chilli coriander relish was fresh, sour and well balanced. 

Chilli Scrambled Siri - scrambled eggs, goats cheese, fresh chilli, chilli oil, Viet mint, toasted seeds on toasted sourdough ($18). The scrambled eggs was made perfectly, soft, creamy, very well done. Mixed with the chilli to give it the right amount of flavourness. One of the best chilli scrambled eggs around.

BB King - 5 spice beef brisket burger with burnt chilli mayo, fresh herbs, house slaw and kimchi fries ($19). The kimchi fries was really subtle in kimchi flavouring but well fried and crunchy. The beef brisket was tender and flavourful.

BBQ Pork Bun - crispy pork, slaw, house-made BBQ sauce and chicharrones on brioche w/ kimchi fries ($18). I prefer this than the BBQ King. The chicharrones was super crispy as well as the crispy pork but it remain tender and juicy inside. Another plus point, my pregnant sister in law ordered this, she excluded the salad. So it's safe to say that this burger is safe for pregnant woman.

Everything we ordered come out better than what we expected. It was unique combinations and rarely seen in any other brunch places. The roti was awesome, authentic asian roti. The hollandaise was not too spicy, just enough give extra punch flavour on the dish. The eggs was deep fried but still runny inside. It was an awesome experience. One of the best asian fusion brunch place in Melbourne by far. The let down was the service was really slow every time I went in on weekends, it takes a long time for them to bring coffee and tea to our table. It also takes a long time to get water or the bill. To justify, it was indeed a busy day but they clearly need more people.

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Sir Charles
03 9415 7077
121 Johnston St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065