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Minamishima a Japanese omakase restaurant owned by Chef Koichi Minamishima. He has a 25 years experience on his belt than finally opening his own restaurant in 2014 in the city he called home for 15 years. His goal is to fill each customer with joy thrugh the art of sushi. Minamishima pride them self in using the best raw ingredients available and some imported from Japan. 

Since my experience at Sukiyabashi Jiro, my husband has been dreaming of sushi omakase experience and I have been told Minamishima is one the best omakase experience in Melbourne so I made a reservation for our 3rd year anniversary as a present for him. Omakase is a way of eating involves faith in the intergrity of the chef, there are no menu. The menu is all prepared and decided by the chef but they will ask if you have any food restrictions or allergies at the start of the meal. There are two dining options; at the sushi bar you'll get a seasonal entree, sushi omakase presented one at a time, broth and desserts. In the dining room or private area (8 people) the focus shift too steamed, grilles and some assorted sushi's. Both dining experience priced at $150pp. Sake and wine pairings also available.

I opted for the sushi bar experience since it was what my husband is dreaming of. The restaurant it self was simple but elegant decorated with wooden furnitures, long sushi bar table and private, romantic tables for the dining room.

Special of the day: Shellfish, fish vinegar jelly, tobikko ($20). It was the perfect opener, it's fresh, light, chilled and delicious.

Sweet Prawn from South Australia with home made walnut tofu. The tofu was nice and chilled, the prawn was certainly sweet.

The first nigiri presented was White fish, Chef Minamishima him self presented it to us and he said no soy sauce needed.

Garfish with soy sauce and ginger on top, no need extra dip on soy sauce. Garfish known as Sayori in Japan and falls into hikarimono (silver skin fish). It has an agar jelly texture and clean flavour.

King dory with sesame, lime on top best to be eaten with soy sauce. The texture was firm but light and has a mild fish flavour.

Snapper with ponzu on top without soy sauce. I always have been a fan of ponzu sauce, it added more flavour to the snapper.

Calamari with lime juice and sea salt on top best eaten without soy sauce. Calamari known as Ika in Japan, it breaks apart in your mouth, firm like noodles.

Scampi from New Zealand best eaten without soy sauce. The scampi was succulent, fresh and sweet, one of the highlights of the night.

Scallops from Hokkaido best eaten with soy sauce. The scallop was slightly seared to bring out the aroma and flavour of the scallop.

Flounder fin from Japan best to be eaten without soy sauce. This is definitely one of my favourite of the night and this was my first time tasting flounder fin (engawa in Japan). It just pop and melt in your mouth, one of the best white fish I have eaten in my life.

Tuna Belly best eaten with soy sauce. It was very well marbled and as expected it was juicy, buttery and delicious.

Seared tuna belly with soy sauce on top best to be eaten without soy sauce. This piece of tuna just melts in your mouth.

Blue fin tuna best eaten without soy sauce. It was clean and vibrant in colour and I have no complain at all regarding this dish.

Ikura best eaten with soy sauce. Ikura is salmon roe and once you put them in your mouth, it will pop and burst into deliciousness.

Mackarel with seaweed, salt and sesame on top best eaten with soy sauce. As some of you have known, I don't like mackarel. It's just has a very strong fishy smell and taste that I could not get over with. My husband does not mind it and he said it was well prepared especially with the thin seaweed on top.

Anago - salt water eel from Japan best eaten without soy sauce. The unagi was really light and the sweetness of the sauce blend in perfectly with the eel.

Tamago - Japanese omellette. It was a sweet egg Japanese Traditional cake with a stamp of their name top of it.

Prawn Zucchini flowers soup. The broth was clear but rich in flavour, really sweet and warm with delicious zucchini flowers with prawn in the middle of it.

Grape fruit jelly with roasted green tea sorbet. I love the roasted green tea flavour so much that I want to have them in my freezer at all times, the grape fruit jelly added freshness and slight bitterness to the dish.

I was hoping for sea urchin or pufferfish but turns out that night they don't have any of them in stocks. The service was polite, calm just like in Japan. Chef Minamishima showcases the best of Australia as well as some of Tokyo's Tsukiji Market, Hokkaido and Aichi (Chef Minamishima homet town) produces to create inherent characteristics of the key ingredient shine. Overall, it was a great night and one of the best omakase in Melbourne but in my opinion omakase experience in Japan is still the best.

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Monday & Sunday: Closed
Tuesday-Saturday: 6pm-10pm

4 Lord St
Richmond, VIC 3121