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Tuesday, March 01, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

KUU Cafe & Japanese Kitchen is located on the silent part of Park St, South Melbourne. KUU means eat in Japanese, pride them self in serving healthy and balanced home cooked meal. The cafe serves authentic Japanese food with a modern twist but maintaining the quality and taste of the real Japanese food. They served breakfast, lunch and dinner as well as take aways.

When I saw some pictures of their green tea latte, I know I have to visit them soon. As some of you may have known I'm a big fan of matcha as well as Japanese food. I decided to go for an early dinner at KUU's on a friday. The cafe it self was petit but well decorated, not too cramped and the white walls and wooden tables give the place a modern and warm feeling.

Matcha Latte ($4). Their green tea is from Shizuoka and it was delicious. This is definitely one of the very best matcha latte in Melbourne, if not the best. The green tea flavour is clearly there and it's not grainy and have a slight sweetness to balanced out the bitterness from the green tea.

Matcha Affogatto ($5). I like this even better than matcha latte. The green tea taste was stronger and richer mixed in with vanilla ice cream just make them even more delicious. I definitely have to have more of this soon.

Karaage Inari Sushi ($3.5). The inari was sweet and mixed in with healthy brown rice and crunchy well seasoned karaage chicken.

Omosuba - Yakisoba noodle wrapped in omelette topped with Japanese mayo, BBQ sauce, bonito flakes, aonori, pickled ginger with chicken ($16.5). This dish only available for dinner. Yakisoba wrapped in omelette is one of my husband favourite dish. The yakisoba was really sweet and rich but balanced out by the omelette. The mayo and BBQ sauce just amped up the richness even more. Somehow at the end, it get a little bit too sweet for me but the saltiness from the chicken help we get through till the end. Don't get me wrong the dish was delicious but it's just too sweet.

Udon noodle served warm in kombu seaweed dashi soup with prawn tempura ($14). The broth was really tasty and warm mixed in with the soft udon noodle. I personally love this dish, the tempura was crunchy and well seasoned.

Matcha Ganache Cake ($7.5). I was so excited when I saw there was some of this cake left. It was rich, dense but melt in your mouth straight away. I love it so much I decided to bring some home that day and truth to be told I'm eating some of them right now.

It was a great experience and this is definitely not going to be my last visit. Next time, I want to try their smoked trout ochazuke and their bento box as well as much more of that green tea cake and matcha affogatto. KUU is my new personal favourite Japanese cafe.

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Monday-Friday: 8am-8pm
Saturday-Sunday: 9am-4pm

KUU Cafe & Japanese Kitchen
190 Park St
South Melbourne
VIC 3205