Kit Kat Chocolatory

Friday, March 18, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

One of my favourite place to stroll around and hunt random cute and delicious food in Japan is at Daimaru. So once I finally got a free time I went straight to Daimaru basement than I saw Kit Kat Chocolatory. Kit Kat Chocolatory is a opened in collaboration with Japanese chocolatier Yasuhiro Takagi, who is well known for Le Patissier Takagi and he has created many unique flavours for Kit Kat before. 

I'm a big fan of weird unique taste Kit Kat for a long time so I was so excited to finally able to visit Kit Kat chocolate boutique. In here you were able to buy special editions Kit Kat flavours and they are not available in any other convenient stores, souvenir shops or supermarkets. The disappointment is they do not have all the other flavours from Hokkaido all the way to Okinawa and they also don't have regular flavours where you can buy in the normal supermarkets. Kit Kat chocolatory sells luxury Kit Kat rather than a collections of Kit Kat flavours.

Kit Kat in this store have special luxury packaging and higher quality ingredients are used to produce the chocolate bars. In results, the price are much higher as well. A single, regular sized bar cost 324 yen, a box of four mini kit kat cost 432 yen.

As expected, I go crazy! I basically buy every flavours they have but Kit Kat Chocolatory only allowed 20 items maximum per person per day. The first flavour I bought it's Kit Kat Sublime Bitter (1pcs-324yen/10pcs-3510yen). I'm a big fan of dark chocolate so this chocolate was perfect for me since they used 66% cocoa with bitter couverture. Another Kit Kat Sublime is White basically white chocolate and Raspberry flavoured, using 66% cocoa and lining of raspberry between the chocolate and wafers.

This one is brand new called Kit Kat I Love Fruits (10pcs/2484yen) with strawberry, raspberry, passionfruit, blueberry and orange. The bar is shorter than the regular bar and basically taste sweet, sour and a bit fruity.

The other brand new flavours is Special Orange Cocktail Noir (4pcs/432yen) made of special orange scented chocolate and rum powder mixed into the wafer layers. It contains 0.2% alcohol.

They also sell another versions of Kit Kat green tea sakura called Special Green Tea Sakura. To be honest for me it taste the same as the normal green tea sakura. Through out the years, Kit Kat has produced unbelievable amount of Kit Kat Strawberry variants and they still managed to produced a brand new flavour called Kit Kat Strawberry Maple.

Hazelnut is a flavours I think they should have made a long time a go and the taste reminded me of nutella. Another unique flavours is butter but to me it taste just like what chocolate with a little bit of saltines. Despite all, there is one flavour I'm hesitant to buy is Ginger. It's made of milk chocolate mixed with ginger creating mild sweetness and zesty flavour. The last but not the least is Special Japanese Apricot flavours.

They also have a special limited edition packages (12pcs/1458yen) such as Daimaru Sapporo, Daimaru Umeda, Matsuzakaya Nagoya and Daiamaru Kyoto limited editions packages. Another let down was the staff doesn't seem to have sufficient product knowledge. I ask them what flavours inside those packaging and she said they don't know but after she ask around, she said it's basically all the flavours available in the individual boxes but mixed differently on each limited editions packages.

They have a small cafe where you can enjoy Nescafe Dulce Gusto or other beverages such as green tea latter. I have been told that this is the only shop where they have a small seatings area, the other shop is more like a booth. Another special menu available is Kit Kat parfait.

When you look around the cafe you will find many cute and well design Kit Kat decorations such as Kit Kat chandeliers, Kit Kat tower and many more. Besides all that there are also  historical decorations, almost like Kit Kat museum explaining the origin and evolutions of Kit Kat through out the years. 

Overall, if you are a big fan of Kit Kat this is a must even though there are many other unique flavours with cheaper price could be found in supermarkets, convenience store and souvenirs store around Japan. I would definitely come back here when I got a chance and check out the new flavours every now and then.

Monday-Sunday: 10am-8pm

Kit Kat
Daimaru Kyoto
Store basement feast Paradise
Shimogyo-ku, Kyoto Shijo Street Takakura Nishiiri Tachiurinishi the town 79
Tel: 0752118111