Hawker Hall

Thursday, March 17, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Hawker Hall located in Windsor on Chapel St and is the new addition to Chris Lucas group with the amazing Benjamin Cooper as it chef's. Together they are the man behind the famous Chin Chin and Kong BBQ. Hawker hall is decorated with wood tables and chairs, neon lights, high ceilings, various seating options such as the bar, comfortable sofa booths and kitchen counter. The atmosphere is funky, loud and alive but certainly not a place for a romantic date or a calm family dinner.
I arrived on a Sunday night around 6pm and there are people lining up, typically Lucas group restaurants. Booking is only available for group of 6 or more. Luckily, I only have to wait for 5 minutes but they only have the kitchen counter table. On normal basis, I would be happy to be seated at the kitchen counter because it's basically a front row seats to where all the magics happen but it was hot outside and it was way too hot to seat in front of the kitchen. I can't imagine the feeling of all the chef's in there. The menu was extensive and they have plenty of vegetarian menu as well.

Because it was so hot, I have to order something cold. Frozen Coconut with Watermelon & Pineapple ($9). It was icy, fresh and the coconut and pineapple was subtle.
Nyonya Style Popcorn Chicken ($11). I love fried chicken, sadly it was pretty blend by it self. The mayo was tasty but the chicken it self needed some more meat.
Pan Fried Rolled Dumpling of Braised Oxtail - 4pcs ($12). The filling was sweet, heavy and dense. It's too heavy for a dumpling for my taste.

Roti Canai w/ Curry Sauce & Eggplant Sambal ($8.5). The roti was crispy but moist inside and the dipping sauce was enjoyable. This is the best this of the night, even though there are some places in Melbourne creates even better roti with cheaper prices.

"CKT" Char Kway Teow - Rice Noodles, Prawns, Lup Cheong & Smoky Soy ($16.5). The noodle was lovely but it need much more spices.

Grilled Beef Short Rib, Oyster Sauce, Red Chilli & Coriander ($19). This is one the popular dish, it was rich and crispy.

Nasi Goreng - Chicken, Shrimp, Fried Egg, Prawn Cracker & Sambal ($13). The fried rice was pretty average even though the serving was generous.

Oyster Omelette & Sambal ($17.5). Oyster Omelette is one of the iconic hawker food and well it's simply a well made omelette but nothing outstanding.

Many Treasure Jelly, Jellies of Hibiscus, Lychee & Pineapple ($10). It was a pretty and colourful dish, the taste was subtle and light.

Honestly, I really want to love Hawker Hall. I do love the vibe of the place, the fast service but the food was pretty average in presentations which mimic the real hawker food but if they want to take hawker food to the next level, I expect something beautifully presented, flavourful with punching flavours. I don't know if I order the wrong thing but I won't be dreaming of getting back to Hawker Hall anytime soon. Don't get me wrong, it's not the food taste bad but it's not the hawker food I was expecting. Hakwer food is known for their punching flavours, rich with spices. There are plenty of other Malaysian places where you can get cheaper hawker food with rich taste. Hawker hall clearly have a lot of potential to be so much more, I hope they grow into even more successful restaurant in the future.

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Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 11am-11pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11am-11.30pm

Hawker Hall
98 Chapel St
Windsor, VIC 3181