What to do on Valentines day in Melbourne?

Thursday, February 04, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Valentines day has always been an important day to spend with your love ones. It reminded you on the importance to be grateful and appreciating them being with you by expressing your loves. There are five languages of love (touch, gift, quality time, service and word) and each of us has different way on expressing it. I love valentines day just because it gives us an excuse to unwind from our busy life's to actually be alone and enjoy some quality time with my love ones. Whether you are planning on a surprise or plan the day together, here's some idea on spending Valentines day in Melbourne:

1. Valentines Day Dinner
This is the most common plan but it always works. It's a classic for a reason. There are plenty of restaurant in Melbourne served a special Valentine menu. Whether you want to go all in and go for Vue de Monde degustation with a romantic city lights view or spontaneous dinner at Mr Miyagi or Rice Paper Scissors, Valentine dinner always a good plan. Just make it a little bit more romantic with flowers and chocolate.

2. Picnic
Melbourne has numerous parks with plenty of romantic spots. Try Royal Botanical Garden, Stables of Como or Ludlow Picnic Lunch. Cook something simple such as sandwiches or small sliders. Also bring some crackers with cheese and smoked salmon or ham, strawberry's with chocolate and champagne. Pack everything up and go on a romantic picnic. Or go on to a picnic place or event where they can pre arrenged the food for you. It is important to check the weather since Melbourne are known for the ever changing weather. 

3. Lock in The Love 
Pledge your eternal love, remember your love ones, celebrate a  new relationships and mark a milestone with a good cause. Lock in The Love in support of Heart foundations helps us celebrates Valentines day as well as help many other people with heart condition. They create a pop up monuments where we can write a messages and lock it in. I did this last year, it feels great to donate and celebrate Valentines day in the same time. Another plus point is the monument looks great on pictures. 

4. Weekend Getaway
This year Valentines day falls on Sunday, it's the perfect excuse to plan on a romantic getaway. Victoria have plenty of romantic options; 
Wine tasting - Heallesville, Yarra Valley
Spas - Mornington Peninsula, Daylesford
Wild life - Philip Island, Heallesville
My personal favourite was staying at Lake House, they have a great restaurant as well as spa. I would love to repeat the experience anytime soon.

5. Something a little bit more daring
If you are up to pushing boundaries, facing fears unforgettable Valentines day then this is for you! Take your partner for Sky Diving or Parasailing!

6. Fantastic view
I personally love high places, somehow the breath taking view from above always manage to mesmerized me. If your love ones share the similar interest with me than there's a couple of options; hot air balloon in Melbourne CBD/Yarra Valley, dining at Eureka 89 or a ferris wheel ride at Melbourne star.

7. Cinema
Me and my husband loves watching movies and sometimes we just want a simple, comfortable night to celebrate Valentines day but with little bit of a twist, just enough to make it special. Melbourne have varieties of cinema experience such as Village Gold ClassMoonlight Cinema, Rooftop Cinema , Coburg Drive In Cinema and Lunar Drive In. If you decide to go on an outdoor screening, check the weather, bring something warm and spray some bug's repellent. There is also a special screening of Casablanca at Pop Up Cinema, perfect for a classic romantic movies lovers.

8. Festivals
On Valentine's day there are a couple festivals in Melbourne. If you want something casual, lively with a large amount of people celebrates with you than this would be perfect for you. St Kilda Festivals or Coburg Food Truck

9. Sporty
I like sports but on Valentines day doing sports is not preferable but some of adventurous friends love it. In Melbourne they have Hidden Secret Tours, where they guide you to secret spots in Melbourne. Want to do something sporty with a good cause? Check out Cupids Undie Run event. There are also several other options such as bowling, cycling and ice skating.

10. Low Key
If you are tired of all the grand Valentines day plans than do something nice, comfortable but intimate in the convenient of your own home. Shop the fresh produce from your nearest market and cook something delicious at home and rent your favourite movie.

PS: Make sure you pre order your flowers! You can order them online or on your flower shop. Here's some of my favourite flower websites:
Roses Only
Edible Blooms

Some gils like me, prefer Cakes & Chocolates:
Well Known bakeries:
Burch & Purchese
Gelato Messina
Lux Bite

Awesome amateur Melbourne bakers:
Little Madame's Gateau
Vickie Liu
The Sweet Event Cupcakes

If you are single on valentines day, do not worry there is Free Tacos Event at The Bendigo Hotel perfect for a group hang out with your friends.

Disclaimer: I'm not sponsored by any affiliation, this list is solely based on my opinions.