Third Wave Cafe (Revisited - Invited)

Wednesday, February 17, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Last year I celebrated my birthday at Third Wave Cafe with my friends and earlier this year I have been lucky enough to be invited to my very first zomato meet up. If you are interested in Third Wave Cafe origin check out my last review. I'm so excited to meet other bloggers such as Jenny from Confession of a Little Piggy, Daisy from Escort and Thief and many more, there are also several zomato personnel. I finally met Greg, the owner of Third Wave Cafe.

We started with The Hit man or Woman - kahlua, baileys with a whack of espresso milkshakes ($16) and Better Sneakers Bar - caramel ice cream, peanut butter, caramel, cocoa milkshakes. Both of them are super delicious and creamy, better than any other freak shakes I have tasted.

Smoked and Glazen Chicken Wings - 24 hours marinated wings, smoked and grilled with Que You Hot BBQ Nectar ($5.5). Chicken wings is one of my favourite nibbles and I have to say the nailed it.  It was a little bit spicy and sour with smokey feeling and tender chicken.

Oink Balls - pork meatballs wrapped in streaky bacon, smoked for hours and grilled ($5.5). The meatballs was juicy wrapped in a super tasty bacon. Yum!

Candy Bacon - bacon brushed with maple syrup, drizzled with organic brown sugar and chilli ($5.5). This is definitely one of the best dish served that night and certainly one of our favourite. Crispy bacon mixed with maple syrup, what's not to like?

Pork ribs done in Southern tradition using dry spices only served with 2 different BBQ sauces; Spicy iQ BBQ and Apple Bourbon (Half Rack 450g - $29, Full Rack 900g - $54). It was well cooked, super juicy, tender and slid over the bone easily.

Beef ribs smoked using a special 9 spice dry rub and Hickory wood served with 2 different house made BBQ sauces; Spicy iQ BBQ sauce and Horseradish. (Half Rack - $26, Full Rack $50). The beef was tender, succulent and the sauce amped up the flavour even more.

Lamb shoulder flavoured with a blend proprietary blend of mildly spicy herbs, smoked for 6-8 hours using Hickory wood and served with 2 BBQ sauce and salsa verde (250g - $25, 500g - $48). I have had this dish prior to this meeting, for met he lamb shoulder was succulent and tender but some of the pieces still has the lamb smell which become a little bit unappetizing.

Beef Brisket smoked for 8-10 hours using Hickory wood served with Que You Spicy BBQ and horseradish sauces ($25). I regret for not ordering this on my birthday cause it was delicious, so tender, juicy and flavourful.

Salmon brinned for 8 hours in salt, sugar and spices. Smoked using Apple wood giving it a very mild smoke flavour with house made dill sauce ($25). Another dish I regret for not ordering it on my birthday. Even though it's a little bit overcooked (I like my salmon raw in the middle), the flavour was delicious and no fishy smell at all.

Duck Fat Confit Potatoes ($5.5). The potatoes was a bit dry for my taste even though it was crispy on the outside.

Crispy Coleslaw - a crunchy mix of apples, carrots, coloured cabbage and house made dressings. It was zesty, refreshing and light ($5.5). A nice refreshing sides for balancing the meat

Glazed Mushrooms ($5.5). This is one of the most favourite dish of the night, the mushroom was well cooked and seasoned really well.

Russian Salad - roasted chicken, potatoes, carrots, shredded hard boil eggs and peas. I love this so much since some of you may have known I love potato salad. It was creamy and soft ($5.5).

Corn Bread ($5.5). It was well made, a little bit crumbly but just nice and not too dry, we seems to enjoy it just fine.

Key Lime and Pecan Pies ($9.9 each). The key lime pie have sweet, creamy but zesty flavour served with vanilla ice cream. Pecan pie was warm, sweet a bit crumbly and served with espresso cream and vanilla ice cream. I honestly prefer the pecan pie, it's just the combination of hot and cold with a little bit of nutty and coffee flavour won me over.

We stayed for hours at Third Wave Cafe because we had so much fun and Greg has been a great host with generous food. Third Wave Cafe certainly have one of the best ribs in Melbourne and this won't be my last time visiting them.

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