Pierre's Spot Pop Up

Sunday, February 14, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Since today is Valentines day, I decided to share something sweet with you. Pierre Roelofs finally retiring his dessert evenings after a six year run, he wants to focus on other projects at the moment. But don't worry it says on his website that the dessert evening will be back but there is no definite date at this moment.

Pierre's Spot is a pop up store serving a soft served ice cream with various delicious, creative toppings. It is a product of a collaboration between Pierre Roelofs, Jesse Gerner (Anada, Green Park Dining, Bomba Bar) and the crew from Bomba Bar - Andrew Fisk, Kelly O'loghlen and Shane Barrett.

As a fan of ice cream and desserts, it's a must to try Pierre's latest inventions. I decided to try Violet Beauregarde - blueberry gel, blackcurrant jellies, violet meringue ($6). The vanilla was creamy and I love all of the toppings, it was sweet, sour and fresh.

It's a great summer desserts with the perfect spots to hang out under the sun or a refreshing desserts after brunch at the Green Park. Make sure you try them while the spot is open!

Saturday-Sunday: 10am-7pm

Pierre's Spot
Green Park Dining
815 Nicholson St
Carlton North
VIC 3054