Palinka (Invited)

Saturday, February 20, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Palinka is all about drinking and eating culture of Eastern European. Palinka is a traditional fruit brandy invented in the Middle Ages at the Carpathian Basin. The name suits them since they served over 70 fruit Palinkas and cocktails. 

I was invited  to dine in and have a taste of their new menu and decided to went in on a Saturday night. The restaurant was warm, cozy, open with a rustic vibe. It does have an Eastern European vibe since it reminds me a little of Prague. They have varieties of seatings such a high stool bar chair, semi outdoor, regular chair and sofas.  The restaurant is big enough for a functions or a night out with a large group of people. They separate the menu into two main prizes; Yummy ($8.5) and Fancy ($12.5), there are no different in size but the differences is in the complexity of the dish.

Sex on The Danube - Elderberry palinka, cocchi americano, triple sec, apricot liqueur, lime and peach juice ($18). It was a strong cocktail and pretty enjoyable.

Custom made Mocktails ($7). I requested for something fruity with no soda and it comes out sour with a bit of sweetness after taste.

Dalmatian Meatballs - beef and lamb mince balls peppered with cheese, capsicum, coriander and parsley ($8.5). Most of the sauces was home made and the meatball was decent and tender.

Crispy Camembert - golden crumbed camembert, hot and gooey on the inside, with a raspberry cumberland sauce ($8.5). This is the perfect dish for cheese lovers, the cheese was soft and tasty mixed with sweet raspberry sauce.

Mushrooms w/ Goat Cheese - button mushrooms filled with dilled French goat's cheese, fried to golden and served with our Cski apple beetroot dip ($8.5). This is one of my favourite dish compared to the others. The mushroom was perfectly cooked and the cheese melts in your mouth.

Mediterranean Chicken Salad - spiced chicken pieces with 3 leaf salad, coriander, mint, lime, chilli, seeds, parmesan and balsamic glaze ($12.5). 

Sticky Pork Belly - slow cooked in a French style master stock then plan fried with a BBQ glaze ($12.5). The pork belly is certainly my favourite dish, it has a super punching sticky flavour that goes well with the bitterness of beer.

Hungarian Beef Goulash - 6 hour slow cooked beef seasoned with onion, tomato, capsicum, Hungarian sweet paprika with a potato latke and pickle ($12.5). The beef it self was super tender and flavourful.

Somloi Galuska - house made sponge layered with walnut, Belgian cocoa and creme anglaise, topped with fresh cream and dark chocolate sauce ($9.5). Somehow this dish resembles tiramisu, creamy, rich but I do think it needed a little bit more rum.

Apple Strudel - apple and walnut baked in filo pastry ($8.5). I love the hot and cold aspect of this dish. The apple is fresh with a little bit of crunchiness mixed in with the creamy sauce, just taste great.

The service was friendly and attentive. Overall, I think the portions was a little bit small on some of the dishes but Palinka is a nice place to hang out and chill for an after work drinks especially if you love Palinka beverages and European beers.

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Monday: Closed
Tuesday-Friday: 5pm-10pm
Saturday-Sunday: 11.30am-11pm

356 Brunswick St
Fitzroy, VIC 3065