Tuesday, February 23, 2016 Sharon Halim 0 Comments

Naty's is a restaurant at Gili Trawangan Island owned by Natya Hotel's. The restaurant have a unique settings overlooking the beach with various seating options. There are regular seats, swing sets seatings, traditional Indonesia "lesehan" seatings where you can seat on the floor mat.

Since the very first time I pass by Naty's, I was drawn to the numerous hanging lantern surrounding their bar area. It was really charming especially at night.

Oriental Blue - melon juice, strawberry fruit, guava juice (IDR 40k). It was fresh and naturally sweet, they used real fruit juices.

Melted Chocolate Cake - hot melted chocolate cake served with vanilla (IDR 39k). This is certainly the best chocolate melted in Gili. The chocolate was rich and the centre was melting perfectly.

Fried Banana - cream and chocolate sauce (IDR 25k). The batter was crunchy but I just wish the banana is a little bit sweeter.

We love the cozy, warm and romantic atmosphere at Naty's. The service was friendly even though it take them quite some time to make the desserts but we are pretty happy with the result. 


Jl Gili Trawangan
North Lombok, Lombok
West Nusa Tenggara, 83355