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Koi in Japanese means "come" or romantic love. It is also a well known expensive fish we often saw in Japanese anime/manga and even in Japanese paintings or tattooed on Japanese Yakuza. Reynold Poernomo is a Masterchef 2015 contestant and he is well known for his creative, mouth watering desserts. The life after Masterchef for Reynold has been promising and full of opportunities. Within months post Masterchef he ran multiple dessert pop-ups, guest star in Indonesian Festival Melbourne and many more. Opening his own dessert bar was just inevitable. Koi finally opened on January 10th.

If you watch Masterchef, you will know that Reynold got his talent from his mother Ike and he is very fond of his family. Koi is a collaboration between Reynold handling desserts, Arnold (Judge on Masterchef Indonesia & Chef at Nomz Jakarta) handling the savoury dishes and Ronald manage the whole system.

Koi Dessert Bar is one of my main reasons on flying to Sydney for the weekends but sadly I called them a week earlier and I was not able to get a booking for their ala carte/set menu. Funny thing happen, all this time I did not realise that my friend actually married Ronald, Reynold oldest brother. I went to their wedding in Sydney years a go. I just realise it when I text my friend whether she want to meet up cause I'm flying over, she said she's not in town but visit my husband dessert bar, Koi if you have time. Than it finally hit me, all along I have met their whole family years a go. To cut the story short, Ronald managed to book a table for me for their last session on a Sunday 9pm.

The cafe separated by two levels. The first level was their ready cakes and pastries, preferable to take away or to be eaten at the outdoor seating area with coffee. You don't get any access to their dinning area or ala carte/desserts menu. But Reynold is on full display, working from his open kitchen. Second level has a classy, elegant, modern, romantic vibe which I love. Their dinner menu consist of 3 savoury dishes and 3 dessert dishes for $77/pp with an options of adding 2 savoury Chef's special (price vary on dishes). The dessert menu consist of 3 desserts for $60, can be share up to 3 person.

When I arrived, Ronald was deep in conversation with some customers so we went straight up and decided to order their desserts menu since it's 9 pm and I don't know whether I can finish their dinner menu by my self since each person on table have to order them if you opted for dinner menu. The first course is Coconut snowball, yuzu with mango cream and black sesame.  It was light, refreshing and the perfect opener for the night.

Later on, Ronald came to our table and greeted us while the second course was served; White chocolate & passionfruit, hot and cold coconut, saffron pineapple, passionfruit curd with mint. It has the smokey drama, perfect balanced of sweetness and sourness with a tropical feeling to it.

"Experimental" - this menu change time to time. Chocolate hazelnut, caramel, yoghurt, tonka bean ice cream. This dessert is heavier than the others and have a stronger taste. It's also sweeter than the others but no overly sweet. The yoghurt balanced out the chocolate and the caramel. Honestly, I was expecting the coconut panna cotta. Reynold produced a similar dish for his Masterchef auditions.

By the second course we feel like we want more and ask the staff whether we are still able to order their dinner menu but sadly Ronald inform us their savoury kitchen is already closed. I don't want to cause them any trouble cause from what I heard they have been so busy and I'm sure none of them get enough sleep at night. Ronald being gracious as he is told us he can served us 3 desserts from the dinner menu as the dessert kitchen still open. We gladly, take the opportunity. 

Cream cheese, burnt orange, honeycomb, curd, brown butter crumb & fraiche. The creaminess from the curd and fraiche mixed with the crunchiness of the honeycomb reminded me of a cheesecake. The burnt orange added a nice zest element to the dish.

This is the dessert that made all the foodies and social media goes crazy. The famous Chocolate Sphere. Chocolate mousse, raspberry gel, consomme jelly, chocolate almond soil & berries. I'm proudly declare that hype is real and it was delicious. It has a smooth shiny interior, a creamy chocolate mousse and raspberry gel to balanced the richness. It is also served on the right size, satisfying but leaving you wanting a little bit more. The almond soil was crumbly and added a nice texture to the whole dish.

White peach, almond soil, rosemary cream & rose. The crunchiness of the almond soil mixed with soft sweet peach showed a good balanced of texture and the rose just blend everything together.

By the end of our set, I feel fully satisfied and totally on high on sugar. We paid our bill with the total of $124.5 for all the desserts and one cup of chamomile tea. Their service was attentive and friendly but I do think they need to educate their staff regarding their menu a little bit more. Ronald gave us a box of cakes to take away and I ate it for breakfast. Yes, I love dessert that much and I don't mind eating it any hour.

Mango Yuzu - mango mousse with yuzu curd and salted almond sable ($9). This was my husband's favourite, he likes the sourness and the softness of the mango and yuzu balanced with the sweetness and crunchiness of the sable.

Strawberry Pillow - strawberry mousse, lychee and salted almond sable ($9). It was light yet fruity and aromatic.

White Cherry - white chocolate mousse with cherry compote and chocolate sable ($9). I love the chocolate sable, it balanced out the sweetness of the white chocolate and I normally don't like white chocolate because it's too sweet. But on this case, the sable and the cherry perfectly balanced the sweetness. This cake reminded me a little bit of Black Forrest. Back in Indonesia, my family bakery's makes Black Forrest daily. It reminded me of home.

I managed to bring this Chocolate Tart - to Melbourne for my brothers to taste but regret the thought of not buying more of it for my friends. Unfortunately, they are closed on Monday. The chocolate tart was rich and I would love to have more of this.

We did have a conversations with the brothers on our way out, Poernomo family is a bunch of friendly and talented people. I can clearly see how passionate Reynold and his family about food and it shown on their creations. Well done! 

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Tuesday-Saturday: 10am-11pm

Koi Dessert Bar
42/44 Kensington St
Chippendale, NSW 2008


    To have such incredible cooking talent at just 22, I have no doubt that Reynold will one day be a global powerhouse in the culinary world.

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