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Woodo is a huge Korean style, two storey restaurant and best enjoy in a large group number of people. They have plenty of table for 4-8 or more. They aim to provide a homely feeling of traditional Korean bbq with love ones. The first storey is bright and a bit smaller than the second storey. It's romantic with dim lighting and they have a swing set at the second storey.

We ordered pork set b - pork belly with two rice, one choice soup and corn - complimentary dishes ($60). We picked the kimchi soup and it was pretty tasty. The pork belly it self was thick, juicy, taste good and served with several average complimentary dishes.

Beef set - marinated beef rib eyed roll with two rice, one choice soup and corn - complimentary dishes ($69). The silken tofu soup. The beef it self was juicy and well marinated. We picked the silken tofu soup with this set and it was a bit blend.

The scotch fillet ($20) was a disappointment, it's really tough to eat even though it's not over cooked and still pink in the middle.

Ox tongue ($15) was cut perfectly, very thin and only need a couple second on the grill. The dipping sauces provided for the Korean BBQ is pretty good.

I'm not a fan of their Kimchi pancake ($15), I think it's a bit too sour and lack of other taste that kimchi and pancake usually have and Megumi kirin tab beer jug ($18) to wash everything down.

The complimentary pineapple desserts was iced cold, sweet - sour and refreshing, perfect to end the oily dinner.

I think they need more staff, it was a busy Saturday night and one staff juggle several table and they are clearly overwhelm, we ended up grilling our own food other wise it just take too long. We spend almost three hours in the restaurant. Price wises, approximately $60 for two people. Overall in was an average experience.

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Monday-Thursday & Sunday: 11.30am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday: 11.30am-2.30pm & 5.30pm-12am

03 9995 9612
179 King st
Melbourne, VIC 3000

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