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Monday, January 11, 2016 Sharon Halim 1 Comments

It's my travelling day from Osaka to Kyoto and we just quickly drop off our luggage on one of the coin lockers at Kyoto station and went to Nara for a day trip. When we arrived at Nara station, I'm so hungry then I saw Vie de France bakery. 

Vie de France bakery started in USA,1971 with a discussion of needing European quality bread all over the country. On 1983 Yamazaki baking company purchased Vie de France and since then there are multiple Vie de France all over Japan.

I decided to buy a bunch of their products for the road since I only had one day to conquer Nara and there are many sights to see. Vie de France limited editions for the seasons are sweet potato bread, both of the sweet potato bread taste delicious. It was sweet, moist and the sweet potato taste was clearly present.

Melon pan is a popular sweet bun in Japan, traditionally they are not melon flavoured but their appearances resembles a melon. In modern times it has become popular to add melon to melon pan. This one has melon flavours in it and vanilla melon cream in the middle. They smell really well and taste pretty good too.

Vie de France other products such as cinnamon roll was moist, rich and full of cinnamon and brown sugar flavours. Their chocolate mint donut was pretty average for my taste but I love their mushroom cheese bread, they are really tasty.

Another thing I like about Vie de France is their sticky cake, they have various flavour such as green tea, chocolate, vanilla and more but my favourite of course the green tea flavour.

They also have a small cafe besides the bakery, they served hot and cold drinks as well as sandwiches and small snacks.

Score: πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Vie de France (English) (Japanese)
Nara Station
1-1 Sanjo-Hommachi
630-8122 Japan

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